History of Middletown Ohio

The History of Middletown Ohio provides a copy of George C. Crout’s Middletown U.S.A. : All-America City, published by Perry Printing Company in 1960. Extensively researched this manuscript details the history of the rise of the town of Middletown Ohio into a city. From a log cabin on the bank of the Miami to a thriving metropolitan district in the span of 170 years is the story written by the people of Middletown, Ohio. From a family of four pioneers to a growing city of thousands of families and 50,000 individuals is the record of growth. From a sawmill and grist mill powered by a-water wheel to a great industrial complex of many modern industries: is the accomplishment of the community. Read and download for free.

In western Ohio two rivers wind southward to join the beautiful Ohio River. Since these were so important to the life of the Indian, he used his native word, Miami, meaning mother, in referring to the rivers. The Miami Rivers were, in fact, the mothers of people who lived in the valley thousands of years ago. Today these same rivers still thread their way through the Miami Valley. Almost in the center of this valley, stands a great city, Middletown, Ohio, U.S.A.

This is the story of the rise of that city. Middletown made its first appearance on the maps of Ohio in 1802 as a pioneer river settlement on the east bank of the Great Miami. Before the town was officially platted, pioneers had come to this area, the first one being Daniel Doty.

From its early beginning as a cluster of log cabins to a great city is a story of romance and adventure. It is, in reality, an historical type study of the growth of an average mid-western community. In many ways Middletown is a typical American community, and the same forces which made this town made many other cities in America.

But Middletown, U.S.A. is more than a typical community. It is unusual in many ways—its story is unique. It is a place where people have learned to live together in peace. Labor and management settle their problems around a conference table in mutual trust and understanding. Cooperation and teamwork are practiced in every facet of community life. Many times Middletown has been referred to as Peaceful Valley.

Yes, Middletown, U.S.A. is more than a city – it is a way of life. This brought it the high honor of the official citation as an All-America City. Here is the Middletown Story.

Table of Contents

TitlePage #
Explorers Find the Valley7
Coming of the Pioneers15
The Pioneers Build a River Town21
Canal Days in Middletown36
The Growth of Local Institutions44
A Developing Economic System61
Wartime and Heroes72
Railroads and Hydraulic Help a Town81
The Paper Town91
A Rising City98
Into the Twentieth Century108
Middletown: All American City119
Special Section: Industrial Middletown124
The Story of Middletown Post 218, The American Legion141
Middletown Album145


Crout, George C., Middletown U.S.A. : All-America City, Middletown, Ohio : Perry Printing Company, 1960.



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