Walter S. Fesperman

Wagoner, Inf. Sup. Co., 30th Div., 120th Reg.; of Durham County; son of C. M. and Mrs. J. M. Fesperman. Husband of Mrs. Clara May Green Fesperman. Entered service May 28, 1917, at Durham, N.C. Sent to Camp Sevier, Greenville, S. C. Transferred to Camp Merritt, N. J. Sailed for France May 12, 1918. Was in all battles with his regiment–Ypres, Lankhaf Farm, Sept. 9th to 21st; Bellicourt, Rauray, Sept. 29th to Oct. 1st; Premont, Hindenburg Line, Oct. 8th; Busigny, Oct. 9th; Becquigney, Bohain, Vaux Audigny, La Hale, Menereise, Oct. 10th to 11th; St. Martian Bevien, Mezinghein Heights of Calilleon, Oct. 17th to 19th, 1918. Returned to USA May 11, 1919. Mustered out at Camp Jackson, May 18, 1919.


World War 1,

Durham County NC,

Collection: North Carolina World War 1 Military Records.

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