Manning-Simons Cemetery, Edgewood County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This cemetery is located on left about 2.5 miles on Big Oak Road on left. Turn on Package Craft Road (runs into Big Oak Rd) toward Greenville

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
Annie Crisp18981923Wife of JC SimonsPitt County, NC
Jno C SimonsSeptember 13, 1900December 19, 1924Pitt County, NC
James Simons10/18882/1/1891Pitt County, NC
Richard L Manning10/15/18653/18/1886Pitt County, NC
Sallie A Manning6/11/181112/7/1819Pitt County, NC
Bettie ManningAge 15 yearsPitt County, NC
Martha L Manning12/21/183612/21/1839Pitt County, NC
Tillitha Manning12/26/18361/15/1840Pitt County, NC
Ebenl SimonsSeptember 3, 1903November 12, 1933Pitt County, NC
James R6/24/18847/3/1885Son of James & Clemmy PollardPitt County, NC
InfantNovember 28, 1902November 28, 1902JA & Linza BryantPitt County, NC
Samuel H2/25/1890February 12, 1910Son of James & Clemmy PollardPitt County, NC
Lauranda Manning9/11/18274/21/1898Pitt County, NC
James M Manning3/14/1843June 1, 1914Pitt County, NC
Alexander J Simons11/7/1858December 13, 1936Pitt County, NC
Bettie A Manning5/30/1864June 2, 1928Wife of AJ SimonsPitt County, NC
WL Simons5/30/1887June 20, 1938Pitt County, NC

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