Hatteras Tribe

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Hatteras Indians. An Algonquian tribe living in 1701 on the sand banks of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina east of Pamlico sound, and frequenting Roanoke Island.  Their single village, Sandbanks, had them only about 80 inhabitants.  They showed traces of white blood and claimed that some of their ancestors were white.  They may have been identical with the Croatan Indians with whom Raleigh’s colonists at Roanoke Island are supposed to have taken refuge.

Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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  1. My grandmother was Veta Estelle Payne, raised in Wanchese. Her parents were Albert Browning Payne and Cynthia Pugh Daniels. Looking for any connections I can find.

  2. Marilyn Berry Morrison

    Our tribe pre- dates the United States. I am a descendant of Peter Gordon, Mark/Marcus Scarborough and Smith Pugh (Hatteras Indians). Additionally, my blood line ties me to Israel Pierce (the Pungo Indian) who also lived on Hatteras. Our tribal land or reservation was located on Hatteras Island.
    We were originally called Croatoan/Croatan a state recognized tribe. The European changed our name from “Croatoan” to “Hatteras“ in the early 1700s.
    The Hatteras are known as “the People of Shallow water”. Our family migrated to Roanoke Island ,Hyde county and surrounding areas. You will find our surnames amongst the Roanoke and Mattamuskeet natives and other tribes.
    We were enumerated into the European system which only allowed you to be called white or black. There were fatal consequences you would face , if you called yourself “Indian.” You could be killed, and or have your children carted off to a reservation. This fear has continued in our family through many generations. Many of our family members are still fearful and in denial about bring “Indian.” We have always known who we are because our bloodline ties us back to the land. I am Roanoke-Hatteras .

    1. Hi Marilyn, Scarboro from Hatteras area is my family too! My Great Great Great Grandmother, Mary Jane Scarborough was birth in the 1st decade of the 1800s. She married a Whedbee from Frisco, NC. I’d love to hook up with you!

    2. Hi Marilyn, Scarborough from Hatteras area is my family too! My Great Great Great Grandmother, Mary Jane Scarborough was birth in the 1st decade of the 1800s. She married a Whedbee from Frisco, NC. I have been studying my genealogy for over a decade & I found this. I’d love to hook up with you!

    3. Jayeteanna Dillahunt

      My great great grandmother’s are is Jazeny Pugh. I am interested in knowing more about Hatteras and my family line. Thank you!

    4. Good Day, I am also a descendent of Smith and Anna (Simmons) Pugh. One of their children Arinda Pugh B1863 married Isaac Mann B1855 who are my great great grandparents. One of their children Luther Mann B1889 of Manteo NC married Amy Echo (Simmons) Mann B1894 who are my great grandparents. One of their children Noah Carlton Mann B1936 is my grandfather! From my research I see I am descendent of not only Hatteras Indians but also Pungo River (Mattamuskeet/Machapunga) Tribe.

  3. I am descended from the Mills family of the Albemarle Sound area. My ancestry is of this tribe, according to family genealogy.

  4. Well I’m A Descendant Of The Croatian Indians My Great Great Grandmother Was A Full Blooded Croatoan Indian Her Name Is Mollie Revels Pankey

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