Briey Swamp Road Cemetery, Pitt County, North Carolina

Our thanks to Annette Ginn Roebuck for the contribution of this cemetery listing.

This cemetery located off 903 N Briey Swamp Road

NameBirthDeathCommentsCounty & State
John Jeffers GrayJuly 13, 1860February 26, 1927Pitt County, NC
Susan CJuly 10, 1880July 25, 1925Wife of John Jeffers GrayPitt County, NC
Our BabyAugust 12, 1921Infant of JJ Susan C GrayPitt County, NC
Our BabyJune 1, 1918Infant of JJ Susan C GrayPitt County, NC
W S HighsmithMarch 10, 1852October 17, 1903Pitt County, NC
William DOctober 12, 1890October 3, 1908Son of JJ & Susan T GrayPitt County, NC
Susan TNovember 9, 1868September 3, 1893Wife of John Jeffers GrayPitt County, NC
InfantsInfants of JJ & Susan T Gray. One infantPitt County, NC
died July 5, 1893 & the other August 3, 1893BerthaJune 14, 1890March 10, 1920Wife of JJ GurganusPitt County, NC

Copyright 2004 by Annette Ginn Roebuck. All rights reserved.

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