Bladen County, North Carolina – Wills 1767-1806

1778 ADAIR, JAMES, Robert, (son); Susanna McTyer (daughter); Adair McTyer (grandson); Elizabeth H. Cade (daughter).
1796 ANDRES. JOHN JR. Children (not named).

1767 BAILEY, THOMAS, Hester (wife); Thomas.
1772 BEARD, WILLIAM, Catherine (wife); James and John; Catherine Moore (daughter).
1774 BEATTY, JOHN, Margaret (wife); Mary BinsMan and Flora Harris (daughters).
1774 BENBOW, CHARLES, Benjamin, Thomas, Ann. Mary, Sarah and Sapphira; Mary Clayton (daughter).
1774 BRYAN, JOHN, Jane (wife); John, Phillemore, Ann and James.
1777 BORDEN, PETER, Wife (not named).
1782 BROWN, GEORGE, Elizabeth (wife); Thomas, John, George, Richard, Euphemia, Mary and Margaret.
1783 BARNEY, WILLIAM H. James, William, Arthur and Samuel.
1785 BARFIELD, RICHARD, Ann (wife); Elisha, Willis, Shadrach and Roderick; Unity Edwards, Uridea Hannell and Mary Flowers (daughters).
1786 BRYAN, THOMAS, Sisters: not named except Kerenhappuch.
1787 BYRNE, ALEXANDER, Matthew (brother); Mary Wilkins (sister).
1791 BALDWIN, JOHN, John, Charles, William, Sarah, Betty, Anna and Nancy.
1797 BOWIN, GOODIN, Judith (wife); William F.
1797 BRIGHT, SIMON, Mary (wife); Simon, Robert, Elricha, James, Benjamin and Christian.
1801 BALDWIN, WILLIAM, Penelope (wife); Sharles, David and William.
1804 BRADLEY, JAMES, Anna (wife); John Bradley Cowan (grandson).

1768 CRAWFORD, MARGARET, Mary Shaw (daughter).
1776 COLVIN, MATURIN, Henry; Rev. Alexander Colvin (father).
1778 CARVER, JAMES, Mary Simonds (friend).
1780 CULLUM, WILLIAM, Richard and Margaret.
1781 COHOON, JOHN, Jean (wife); Micajah, Elijah, Darby and Elizabeth.
1782 CAIN, SAMUEL, William.
1783 CLARK, BENJAMIN, Mary (wife); Elizabeth, William, Thomas and Luke.
1784 COOPER, BENJAMIN, Elizabeth Lock (sister); Benjamin, Joseph and William Cooper, (grandsons).
1791 CULLUM, RICHARD, Elizabeth (wife).
1793 CLARDY, JAMES, Wife (not named); Sons (not named); Penelope Shaw (granddaughter).
1798 CAIN, JOSEPH, John and James Cain (halfbrothers); Joseph Cain (nephew).
1798 CLARK, DAVID, Silas Clark Frazier (nephew).
1799 COLEMAN, MOSES, Lurani (wife); John, Theophilus, Moses, Amos, Polly, Philip, Lucretia and Dempsey.
1799 COOPER, JOSEPH, Mary (wife); William, Benjamin and Joseph.

1770 DEACON, MARY, Daughters of Mary Curtis.
1783 DEDANE, JOHN, Wife (not named); Thomas, Rebecca, John, James, Tabitha, William, George, Ann and Margaret.
1790 DAVIS, EDWARD, Margaret (wife); Edward, William, Greenwood, John B., Mary and Margaret; Jean Blocker (daughter).
1790 DAVIS, WILLIAM, Ann, Leah, Hexaha and John.
1794 DAVIS, TURNER, Susanna (wife); John, Thomas, Sarah, Ann and Elizabeth.
1796 DUPREE, AMELIA, Susanna Moore (niece).
1797 DEWEY, HUPHEMIA, Her slaves and her white friends.
1799 DOVE, ESTHER, James Crane (nephew); Esther Crane (niece).

1795 ELLIS, JOHN, Lucy (wife); children (not named).

1785 FLINN, DANIEL, Mary (wife); Daniel, Elizabeth and James.
1801 FLOWERS, IGNATIUS, Uriah, Sarah, Ignatius. Richard and Morgan; Goolsbury Flowers (sister).
1801 FLOYD, NANCY, Elizabeth Ann and William Floyd (grandchildren).

1771 GIBBS, JOHN, Amelia (wife); John Gibbs and other nephews (not named).
1779 GLASS, LEVI, Mary (wife); Solomon, Mary, Littleton, Levi, Thomas, Ritta and Rebecca.
1788 GIBBS, GEORGE, Margaret (wife); George and Robert.
1789 GATES, PETER, Mary (wife); children (not named).
1791 GIBBS, JOHN, Amelia (wife); John and George Gibbs (nephew).
1792 CAUSE, NEEDHAM, Elizabeth (wife); Samuel (brother).
1792 GREEN, MARY, James Green (brother).
1799 GATES, JEAN, Edward and Margaret.

1768 HEGGANS, JEPTHA, Martha (wife); Anna.
1770 HILL, ISAAC, William, (brother); Joseph Lock (friend).
1778 HUDSON, WILLIAM, Lydia (wife); Josiah and William.
1785 HARRISON, JOHN, Margaret (wife); Edward, Susan, Ann Margaret anti Elizabeth.
1790 HUFFMAN, HUDNUT, Martha (wife); James, Solomon and Mary.
1791 HOWARD, JOHN, William, Sarah, Emeline, Mary, Jane and Primus.
1794 HAYNES, JOSHUA, Rebecca and Ketturah Manly (nieces).
1796 HOLMES, EDWARD, Ann (wife); Richard.
1797 HODGE, ROBERT, Mary (wife); Moses Lewis (nephew).
1804 HOLMES, MOSES, Mary (wife); John and Mary.
1806 MARVEY, TRAVIS, Eliza and Ann; Robert (brother).

1774 IKNER, GEORGE, Dorothy (wife); George, Philip and Solomon.
1780 ISHAM, JAMES, James.

1782 JONES, GRIFFITH, Wife (not named); Margaret McRee and Mary White (daughters); Griffith Houston (grandsons).
1783 JONES, ISAAC, Edward, Isaac and Musgrove; Joseph, William and Snowden Singletary (brothers).
1786 JESSUP, JOHN, Wife (not named).
1789 JOHNSTON, LELAH, Robert.
1804 JERNIGAN, WHITMEL, Richard J. (brother).

1793 KING, DUNCAN, Lydia (wife); Alexander and other children (not named).
1800 KELLY, MATTHEW, Matthew; Sarah Wingate (daughter).
1805 KEMP, JOSEPH, William, Daniel, Amelia and John; Elizabeth Salter and Mary Ellis (daughter).

1769 LAMB, MARY, Jacob and Isaac.
1779 LOWE, THOMAS, Daniel and John.
1781 LOCK, JOSEPH, Emma (wife); Isaac, Leonard and Susanna.
1783 LOCK, LEONARD, Rebecca (wife); Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary, Sallie, Leonard, John and David.
1784 LUCAS, FRANCIS, Elizabeth (wife); Henry and other children (not named).
1787 LOCK, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife); Thomas, Hannah, Mary, Eliza, Susan and Rebecca; Elizabeth Elwell (daughter).
1790 LLOYD, ANN, Mary McRee (daughter); William Smith (cousin).
1792 LUCAS, THOMAS, Priscilla (wife); Mary, Sarah, Susan and William.
1798 LAMONT, DUNCAN, Christian (wife); Nancy and Daniel; Miriam McMillan (daughter).
1805 LUCAS, THOMAS, Priscilla (wife); Mary and Sarah.

1767 MOORE, WILLIAM, Wife (not named); Skinkins (son).
1770 MUSSELWHITE, THOMAS, Mary (wife); Jesse, Thomas, Anna, Elizabeth, Winifred, Ella, Bridget, Mary, Amelia, Patience and Sarah.
1771 MCDOUGAL, ALLEN, Mary (wife);
1774 MCKETHAN, HUGH, Elizabeth, (wife); Duncan; Margaret McPhatter (daughter); Elizabeth McDaniel (daughter.
1774 MCNEILL, WILLIAM, John, Dugald and McDuffie.
1774 MOORE, WILLIAM, William, John, James and McTyer.
1775 MOORE, BERENGER, Mary (wife); Nathan Moore (nephew); John DaVis, (friend).
1776 MALLINGTON, RICHARD, Silence Green (granddaughter); Richard M. Lewis (grandson).
1777 MONROE, DUNCAN, Elizabeth (wife);, Angus.
1778 MAXFIELD, MARY, Lettice TOwnsend (daughter); Robert Conkey (son).
1778 MCMILLAN, EDWARD, Margaret (wife); Neil, Jack, Margaret and Nancy.
1778 MCNEILL, HECTOR, Margaret (wife); Duncan and “Bluff John”, (sons); Lochiel Cameron (friend).
1779 MCDANIEL, JAMES, Agnes (wife); William, James, Absalom, David, Margaret, Mary and Agnes.
1780 MCEWEN, JOHN, Robert, William and Matthew.
1785 MCKAY, IVOR, Ann (wife); Ralph, John, Alexander, Archibald, Daniel, Isabel and Elizabeth.
1787 MOREHEAD, MARY, Jonathan, William and Elizabeth Robeson (her children); Bartram Morehead (son).
1788 MESICK, JACOB, Elizabeth Barry and Lucy Streaty (friends).
1789 MCREE, WILLIAM, Margaret (wife); Griffith J., James and John; William Singletary (grandson).
1789 MEEK, GEORGE, Mary (wife).
1790 MCCONKEY, ROBERT, Ruth (wife).
1790 MCKOY, RALPH, Ann (mother); Archibald and Daniel (brothers).
1793 MCMASTER, FELIX, Wife (not named); children (not named).
1793 MCREE, ROBERT, Jane (wife); Elizabeth and Robert; Sarah Chesten (daughter).
1793 MoORE, JAMES, Eurydice, Lydia and Hance.
1798 MCREE, SAMUEL, Mary (wife); James, William, John, Alexander and Margaret; Sarah Gibbs (daughter).
1798 MULFORD, ELIZABETH, David, Ephraim, Abigail and John; Elizabeth PembertOn (daughter).
1800 MAULTSBY, ANTHONY, William and Samuel.
1801 MCLEAN, JOHN, Catherine Shaw (sister).
1801 MCMILLAN, JOHN, John McMillan (friend).
1801 MORRISON, JOHN, Flora (wife); Marian and Kenneth.
1804 MCEWEN, ROBERT, Wife (not named); John.
1804 MESSENRER, JOSEPH, Mary (wife)..
1806 MCMILLAN, DUNCAN, Effie (wife); John, Nancy and Esebet (Elizabeth).

1802 NANCE, DANIEL, Patience (wife); Joseph and Wynne.

1796 OWEN, THOMAS, EleanOr (wife); John, Mary Stedman (daughter).

1773 PORTER, JOHN, Hugh and Samuel (brothers).
1779 PETMAN, JACOB, Hannah (wife); Bethany and Sampson.
1794 POWELL, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife); Isaac and Barnabas; Chloe Avery and Charity Wilkinson (daughters).
1794 POWELL, ZILPHA, Mary (sister); other sisters and brothers (not named).
1802 PARKER, WILLIAM, Mary (wife); children (not named).

1772 RUSS, MARY, Thomas, EleaaOr and John; Nancy Lloyd, Margaret Smith and Sarah Oliphant (daughters).
1773 REGAN, JOSEPH, Ralph, John and Richard.
1775 ROBESON, THOMAS, Peter and Thomas.
1779 RICHARDSON, NATHANIEL, Wife (not named).
1780 RAY, ISAAC, Amelia (wife).
1780 ROBESON, THOMAS, Mary (wife); Jonathan, Bartram, William, Elizabeth and Sarah.
1785 ROBESON, THOMAS, Mary (wife); Jonathan, William and Bartram; Peter (brother).
1791 RUSS, JOHN, James Russ, Sr. (nephew); Eleazar (brother); Shepherd Russ (cousin); Nancy Lloyd and Margaret Thomas (sisters).
1792 ROBINSON, PETER, Elizabeth (wife); Mary, Thomas, Peter and William.
1792 ROWLAND, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife); John, Thomas, Jomes, Samuel, David, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth.
1795 RUSS, THOMAS, Wife (not named); Hannah, Thomas, Joseph, Ann, Susan and Sarah; Margaret and Mary Harnch (daughters).
1797 RUSS, JOSEPH, Wife (not named); John Wilson (friend).
1802 REGISTER, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife); Elizabeth and Ann Register (granddaughters).
1804 REYNOLDS, RICHARD, Mary (wife).

1782 STEPHENS, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife); Joseph, George, Bathsheba, Mary, Nancy and Sophia.
1788 RESONOVER, CLARA, Joseph; Elizabeth Lipsey (daughter).
1788 SMITH, WILLIAM, Sarah (wife).
1792 STEEL, PETER, Wife (not named); Alex, Benjamin, Elijah, James, Esther, Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca and Mary.
1792 STEVENSION, CHARLES, Thomas, Stephen and Sally.
1793 RANDOL, WILLIAM, Ann (wife); Elizabeth and John Cray (grandchildren); William Randol (grandson).
1793 STANDLEY, JAMES, Winifred (wife); John, Olivet, Sarah, Elizabeth, Susanna, Mary, Winifred and Nathaniel.
1794 SIMMONS, GEORGE, Nancy (wife); Edward DebroOl (Debruhl) (brother).
1796 SKEEN, SARAH, Alex, Issac, Celia, Jesse, Elizabeth and Elijah; Rebecca Cox (daughter).
1797 SAUNDERS, LEVI, Sally (wife); Levi, Sally, Cinelda, Polly and William.
1797 SKEEN, ISAAC, Children of John Cox, Elisha, Joseph and Sarah, (grandchildren).
1797 SMALL, REUBEN, Catherine (wife); Amos, George and Susanna.
1798 SKEEN, ALEX, Rachel (wife); Mary.
1798 SMITH, WILLIAM, Rose Bright (daughter); Alfred, Mulford and William Smith (grandsons).
1799 SHAW, ARCHIBALD, Catherine (wife).
1799 SHIPMAN, DANIEL, Ann (wife); Rebecca and Ann.
1799 STANTON, WILLIAM, Lydia (wife); Alice, Abigail, Borden, Enoch, William and Job.
1801 SHINE, DANIEL, Barbara (wife); John, James and Frank; POlly Shackleford, Susanna Wilton and Hannah Farnal (daughters).
1801 SKEEN, BETSY, Polly and Betsy Hawkins (nieces).
1802 SIMMONS, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife); Sally.

1799 TAYLOR, CORNELIUS, David Taylor (grandson).
1799 TAYLOR, ROBERT, John, Edmund and Philip; Elifee Roberts (daughter).

1795 VENTRESS (Fentress) WILLIAM, George and James (brothers).

1788 WEEKS, ARCHELAUS, Abigail (wife); Elizabeth.
1792 WATSON, JEREMIAH, James, Moses, Niscodemus and Rhoda; Anna Williamson and Mary Frazier (daughters); Sarah Simmons (granddaughter); Stephen Grant (grandson).
1793 WATSON, JAMES, Sarah (wife); James, Sarah, Asa, Ernest and Ivy.
1793 WILLIAMS, CHOPLAN, Zilpha (wife); Lewis and Solomon.
1793 WILLIAMSON, DAVID, Nancy (wife); James, Barry and Jeremiah. .
1796 WARREN, JOSEPH, Mary (wife).
1796 WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife); Sarah Orme (sister); John, Jr., Thomas, and Elizabeth Devereux.
1797 WEST, ELI, Keir (wife); Phoebe and Elizabeth; Vashti Ward (daughter).
1798 WOOD, GERSHAM. Sedea (wife); Peter, Mary, Nancy, Anthony, John and Da. rius; Mahala Amyett (daughter).
1802 WHITTEY, EDWARD, Dorothy (wife); Ann, Charles, Lewis, Joseph and Sally.

1803 YEATES, STEPHEN, Alice (wife); Bennett, Elizabeth and Daniel; Rebecca Eubanks (daughter).


Bladen County NC,

Partridge, Dennis. Abstract of North Carolina Wills 1760-1800. Web.

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