Anson County, North Carolina – Wills 1754-1802

1760 ARMSTRONG, JAMES, William, Martin, James, Joseph. Benjamin, Mary and Matthew.
1780 AULD, JAMES, Rosanna (wife); John, Michael, Ann, Mary and Elizabeth.
1789 AULD, MICHAEL, Sedney (wife); John and Ann; Mary and Elizabeth (sisters); Rosanna (mother).
1802 ADCOCK, HENRY, Wife (not named); John, Thomas, Henry, James, Eleanor, Mary and Sapphire.

1785 BLACKFORD, SAMUEL, Rachel (wife); Matthew, Keziah, Sarah, Ruth and Manning.
1783 BENNETT, JAMES, Wife (not named); John, James, Silas and Minard.
1790 BLEWETT, WILLIAM, Elizabeth (wife); Thomas, William, Eli, David, James and Morris.
1802 BALEY, (BAILEY), THOMAS, Jenny (wife); John, Sally, Jacob, William, Katie, Polly and James; Elizabeth Hildreth and Milly Plunkett (daughters).
1798 BUCHANAN, BENJAMIN, Judah (wife); Benjamin, William, Mary, Joseph, John, Delphia and Henry; May Chapman and Judith Pace (daughters).

1754 COBURN, JOHN, Samuel, Jonathan, Jacob and Isaac (brothers); Jacob, Rebecca, Sarah and Mary (sisters).
1782 CLEMENTS, MATTHEW, Mary (wife).
1788 COLSON, JOSEPH, Mary (wife); Joseph, Susanna, John, Mary, Charity, Phereba, Nellie, Jacob, Thomas, Martha and Sanders.
1790 CLARK, CHRISTOPHER, Joseph and Francis; Ann Moorman, Agnes Harden and Mary Stitt (daughters).
1791 COLSON, JOHN, Margaret (wife); Mary; Mary Colson and John Colson (grandchildren).
1792 CURTIS, FRANCES, Anna and Nathaniel; John and William Hamer (sons by a former marriage); Frances Hamer (daughter by a former marriage).
1795 CLARK, BEVERLY, Carey (wife); John, Benjamin, Lucy, Robert, and Polly; Ann Hamer (daughter).
1797 CLARK, CORNELIUS, Sarah (wife); children (not named).
1799 CORTNEY (Courtney), JOHN, Mary (wife); Sarah, Emanuel, Peggy, John and Stephen; Rebecca Pale (daughter).

1786 DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER, Mary (wife); Arthur, Thomas, John, Lewis and Elizabeth; Sarah Benton, Mary Baker and Dicey Brazzill (daughters).
1790 DUNHAM, JOSEPH, Wife (not named); Lucretia Seago (daughter) and her daughter Mary.

1793 EDWARDS, NATHANIEL, Isaac, Joshua and Nathaniel.
1792 EDGEWORTH, RICHARD, Elizabeth (wife); Lovell and Sneyd.
1700 EDWARDS, DANIEL, Susanna (wife); Daniel, William, Nancy and Sidnett (Sidney).

1761 FERGUSON, DAVID, wife (not named), Mary F. Jane, Elizabeth and Sarah (sisters).
1791 FINNEY, THOMAS, Cherry (wife), John.
1791 FALKNER, BENJAMIN, Elizabeth (wife); John and Henry.
1799 FIELDS, J. SMITH, Elizabeth (wife); James, John, Micajah, Celia and Elizabeth.
1792 FLAKE, SAMUEL, Abbie (wife); Elijah, Thomas, Samuel, Jarders, Mary, Elizabeth, Jemima and Sarah.

1766 GILES, JOHN, Mary (wife).
1790 GALEWOOD, ROBERT, Gabriel, Thomas, Griffin, Lucy, Polly and Sally.
1802 GRANADE, MARTIN, Susanna (wife); Eliza Thurman and Nancy Thurman (daughters); Benjamin Granade (nephew).

1754 HOUGH, RICHARD, Martha (wife); William, Thomas and Richard; Hannah Crabbe and Elizabeth Sharpe (daughters).
1760 HICKS, JOHN, Obedience (wife); William, John, Frances, Mary and Sarah.
1774 HUSBANDS, JOHN, Tabitha (wife); Children (not named).
1793 HOGAN, JAMES, Silence (wife); David, Elijah, William, James, Griffin and Edmund; Elizabeth Pyle, Nannie Lee and Sarah Pyle (daughters).
1796 HARRINGTON, CHARLES, Bena (wife); Charles, Sukey, John, William and Whitmel; Nancy Carroll, Mary Stegall and Nelly Hudson (daughters).
1781 HAYMES, JOHN, Ruth (wife); William; Netty Hancock and Charity Thomas (daughters).
1803 HOGAN, SILENCE, Nancy.

1775 INGRAM, GEORGE, John, Tabitha, Jesse and Nancy.

1794 JACKSON, JOHN, Wife (not named); Rebecca, Isaac, Samuel and Jonathan; Sarah Stansill, Huldah Hill, Mary White and Elizabeth White (daughters).
1786 JOHNSON, WILLIAM, Wife (not named); Hugh, Mary Ann, William, Daniel. Malcolm and James; Katherine Kennedy (daughter).
1772 JACKSON, JOHN, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Rebecca, Phoebe, Jemima and Hannah.

1799 KNOTTS, JOHN, SR. Wife . (not named); Ann, Absalom and Susanna.

1766 LEE, ROBERT, Sarah (wife); William, Judith, Richard, James, Robert, John, Elizabeth and Millie; Mary Yarborough (daughter).
1753 LOVE, WILLIAM, Father (not named).
1793 LACY, THOMAS, Keziah (wife); Mary, Sarah, Stephen, Thomas, Elizabeth, Lucretia, Anna, Griffith and Jesse.
1794 LEWIS, JEREMIAH, Sarah (wife); Thomas, Jeremiah and Martha.
1797 LOWRY, PETER, Mary (wife); Eli and William.
1778 LEE, JOHN, Elizabeth (wife); Richard, Anthony, John and Elizabeth.
1789 LANIER, SAMPSON, Elizabeth (wife); James.
1792 LITTLE, JAMES, Nancy (wife); James, Hosea, Agnes and Sarah.

1754 MCDOWELL, CHARLES, Rachel (wife); John; Rachel Eagan (daughter); Joseph McDowell (brother); Ann Evans, Elizabeth Barnes, Mary MePeters and Hannah Calloe, (daughters).
1760 MCCONNELL, ALEXANDER, Catherine (wife); Agnes.
1760 MOORE; JOHN, Mary (wife); Moses Moore (nephew).
1774 MEADORS, JASON, Elizabeth (wife); Lewis, Thomas, Jason, Job and Maria.
1773 MCLEOD, JANET, Norman McLeod (brother).
1774 MORRIS, CHARLES, Elizabeth (wife).
1778 MCPHERSON, PRISCILLA, Shadrach Denson (son by a former marriage).
1784 MCCLENDON, JOHN, Ann, Dennis, Sarah, Rebecca and Simon.
1785 MEREDITH, JAMES, Elizabeth (wife); Sanders (son).
1787 MARTIN, JOSEPH, Catherine (wife); Jesse, Nancy and John.
1793 MARTIN, WILLIAM, Rebecca (wife); Sarah, Nancy, William, Abraham, Katherine, Lewis, Andrew and Isaac.
1794 McGREGOR, JOHN, Mary (wife); William, Elizabeth and Flowers; Sarah Williams, Frances Standifer, Cynthia Standifer and Jean Brown (daughters).
1798 MEDCALF (METCALF), WILLIAM, Amelia (wife); William, Anne, Emanuel and Joel.
1798 MOORMAN, BENJAMIN, William, Michael and Benjamin.

1792 ODUM, RICHARD, Honour (wife); William, Nancy, James, Isaac, Jacob, David and Richard; Lucy Fair and Elizabeth Franklin daughters).

1777 PRESSLER, JOHN, Mary (wife); John, Elias, Anthony, Levi, Susanna and Morgan; Elizabeth Maness, Ann Nunnally and Mary Basley (daughters).
1790 PROCTOR, JOHN, Lenny (wife); William and Sterling.
1793 PURYMAN, MILTON, Mary, John, Sarah and Mumford (brothers and sisters).
1798 PICKETT, JAMES, Martha (wife); Joseph, William, Frankey, Hannah and Martin; Mary Robards (daughter).

1777 RATLIFF, WILLIAM, Susan (wife); Thomas, James, John, Robert, Zachariah and William.
1777 RYLR, JOHN, Wife (not named); James, John, Elizabeth, Mary and Barkin?.
1781 ROPER, JAMES, Wife trot named); Martha, Lucy, Mary, William, Susanna and Green.
1793 ROSS, HUGH, Margaret ( wife); Donald Hugh, Mary, Jean and Katherine; Margaret Campbell (daughter).
1799 ROGERS, Jos, Wife (not named); Job, Thomas, Mark, Sarah and Keziah.
1797 ROBERTSON, DRURY, Amy (wife); Nathaniel and other children (not named).

1751 SMITH, THOMAS, Sarah (wife); Ann, Elizabeth and Charles.
1775 SNEED, SAMUEL, Temperance (wife); Israel, David, Philip, William and Daniel; Ann Crossland and Temperance Crossland (daughters).
1781 STEPHENS, JOHN, Nancy and Sarah Stephens (sisters).
1784 SEAGO, JOHN, William, Robert, John, Ann and Elizabeth; James Seago (grandson).
1781 STEWART, JOHN, Nancy Caine and Sarah Stewart (sisters).
1798 SPARKS, CHARLES, Jane (wife); John, Nancy, James and Elizabeth; Sarah Lyons and Polly Tompkins (daughters).
1791 SMITH, FRANCIS, Frances (wife); Richard, Ann, Francis, David, Nathaniel and John; Unity Hammons, Sarah Poindexter and Elizabeth Buchanan (daughters).

1775 TERRY, WILLIAM, Mary (wife); James; Martha Puckett, Mourning Coleman and Margaret Smith (daughters).
1800 TYSON, JEHU. Mildred (wife); John, Joel. Lucretia, Sukey, Jesse, William, Uriah and Mason.

1762 VANHOSEN, JOHN, Wife (not named); John, Valentine, Christian, Mary, Joab, Elizabeth and Yonkey.
1785 VAUGHN, STEPHEN, Mary (wife); William and Sarah.

1779 WILSON, GEORGE, Wife (not named); Robert, George, Samuel, Solomon, Anderson and John.
1786 WADE, THOMAS, Jane (wife); Thomas, Sarah, George and Holden; Mary Vining (daughter).
1785 WHITE, THOMAS, Unity Purnal (daughter).
1791 WRIGHT, STEPHEN, Henry Hardy (cousin).
1793 WADE, THOMAS, Elizabeth (wife); Thomas, William and Joseph.
1802 WISDOM, WILLIAM, Mary, Francis, John, Thomas, Martha, Eugenia, Sarah, Braddock and McGehee (children).
1802 WILLIAMS, ROLAND, Phereba (wife); Stephen, Agnes, Rowland and Thomas.


Anson County NC,

Partridge, Dennis. Abstract of North Carolina Wills 1760-1800. Web.

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