Will of William Betts – 1673

WM. BETTS, Yonkers. “The Twelfth day of the Twelfth month 1673.”

“I William Betts of the Yonckers Plantation, in the Jurisdiction now of New Orange so called.” Leaves to wife Alice, “house, barn and home lot, and meadows that are lying by my house lot,” also one third of my lot in the Planting Field, during her life: Also leaves her household goods. Leaves to son Samuel Betts, after his wife’s decease, the said house, Home lot and meadows, and one third of all lands in the Yonckers Plantation. Also a Home lot next to the home lot of Goodman Newman, in the Town of Westchester. Also six acres of meadow next to Samel Barrets, in the west meadow of Westchester. Leaves to son Hopestill Betts, one third of his lands in the Planting Field, and one third of the rest of his lands in the Yonckers Plantation. Also “eight acres of fresh meadow lying to the west of Long neck in Westchester.” Leaves to son John Betts, one third of land in the Planting Field and one third of land in the Yonckers Plantation, also two six acre lots of meadow in the west meadow of Westchester, next to Consider Woods, and six acres I bought of Cregier next to Consider Woods, and the other six acre lot lying between the meadow of Edward Walters and meadow of Joseph Hunt, of Westchester. And he is to live with his mother during her life, and manage her farm and stock. Also leaves to son John, “my house and orchard and two home lots next to the orchard, and eleven acres of upland by the west meadow and one and a quarter acres of salt meadow on the south end of Quimby’s neck, all of which lie in the bounds of Westchester.” Leaves to daughter Mehitabel Tippetts 20 shillings. To John Barrett, son of Samuel Barrett, twenty acres of upland, eastward upon the hills by Eastchester path in the Yonckers Plantation, and one acre in the west meadows, “my meadow at Yonckers which hath been wrongfully taken from me,” if recovered is left to his three sons.

Witnesses, Francis French, John Barrett. Wife Alice Betts is confirmed as executrix, January 2, 1675.

LIBER 1-2, page 127

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