Monument To Guyanoga, Guyanoga Valley, New York

This monument to Chief Guyanoga, located in Village of Guyanoga near Branchport was unveiled on August 27, 1910 at the first annual Jerusalem Farmers’ Picnic held at the four corners in Guyanoga Valley. It was to Commemorate the character of the chief after whom the valley was named. The wigwam of Chief Guyanoga was situated on the land of Fraud Botsford near this point. Guyanoga was known as one of the great men of the Seneca Nation and was in favor of the cause of the colonies during the Revolution. He was known to have rendered important services to General Washington. He was known as a great friend of the white man and of the early settlers in this area who were always welcome at his fireside. He was one of the last of the Indians who occupied this valley near Lake Keuka.

Heading west from Guyanoga Valley the warriors found themselves in a beautiful country of many high hills. Climbing one of these they saw from its top, the beautiful lake called Canandaigua. They were soon at the tip of Canandaigua Lake. There at the Village of Naples they visited Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Parker, Dr. Parker ‘Gawaso Waneh’, himself a Seneca Indian and the greatest living authority on the Iroquois Indians, pointed out several places connected with Seneca history. At the Village of Naples they saw a small monument erected over the grave of an ancient Seneca Chief called Canesque. Monument To Canesque, A Seneca Chief, Naples, New York




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