Joseph N. Todd of South Salem NY

Joseph N. Todd8, (Jonah7, Abraham6, Abraham5, Abraham4, Jonah3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born May 3, 1816, in South Salem, N. Y., died June 2, 1877, in Prescott, Wis., married Sarah Ann Reynolds, who died July 12, 1902. He was a farmer.


*2169. Irving, b. July 23, 1841.
*2170. William R., b. June 8, 1845.
2171. Jonah, b. Sept. 18, 1847; he is a farmer and lives in Prescott, Wis., unmarried.
*2172. Morris R., b. Sept. 6, 1850.
2173. Harvey A., b. Oct. 29, 1857.



Todd, George Iru. Todd Family in America. Gazette Printing Company. 1920.

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