Biography of Myron C. Sutherland

Myron C. Sutherland, whose farm is a model of its size in Seneca, Ontario county, New York, has been connected with agricultural interests all his life, and, by means of extensive traveling, has acquired the best methods in vogue throughout the length and breadth of the country.

James Sutherland, his father, was born in Ontario county, New York, in 1815, and died there in 1877. He married Elizabeth Clark, who was born in Ontario county in 1820. Children . Myron C., see elsewhere, George W. and David C.

Myron C. Sutherland was born in Seneca, Ontario county, New York, April 25, 1836. He was educated in the district school, and at an early age assisted in the farm labors during the summer months, while attending school during the winter. In this manner he acquired a thorough knowledge of every detail connected with farm management and the best methods to be applied. In 1863 he commenced to farm independently, later purchasing a fine farm of sixty acres, about ten of which he devotes to the cultivation of fruit, and has been exceptionally successful in his line of production. He has made the journey to California twice, and on each occasion gave close attention to agricultural methods in other sections of the country, adopting, upon his return, those which seemed to be best suited to the conditions which prevail in his home section of the country. In this way he was enabled to make a number of innovations, which have proved so successful that they have found a number of imitators among the farmers of his vicinity. His interest in the public affairs of his community has always been an active one, and his fellow townsmen have honored him with the office of commissioner of highways for a period of three years. His political support is given to the Republican party.

Mr. Sutherland married, in 1862, Mary J. Crosier, who died in 1887. Children: 1. Frank C., born on the family homestead in 1868, was educated at the district school, and Starkey Seminary, and now (1910) assists his father in the management of the farm; married Ella Barden. 2. George G., educated at Keuka College; farmer in Seneca, New York; married Mable Hall; they have one son Merton. 3. Marvin J., educated at Cook Academy: baker at Gorham, and engaged in buying and selling fruit; married Harriett Forest.



Ontario County NY,

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