Biography of George W. Burling

George W. Burling, secretary and assistant treasurer of the Ailing & Cory Company, is descended from a Burling who was the first of the name to settle on Manhattan Island, and was one of the first settlers there. According to an old history of New York he owned all the property in the vicinity of Burling Slip, New York City, and the slip was named in his honor.

Thomas C. Burling, father of the subject of this narrative, was a farmer and carpenter by occupation. He was a Quaker, and a member of the Orthodox Society, Farmington, Ontario county, New York. He married Cynthia Averill.

George W., son of Thomas C. and Cynthia (Averill) Burling, was born in Canandaigua, Ontario county, New York, March 12, 1858. His education was acquired in the district schools and the Canandaigua Academy. His first business position was with Hubbell & Gillett, dry goods and carpet merchants, who succeeded the well known firm of John C. Draper, and he remained with them for a period of eight years. He removed to Rochester, New York, in 1880, and for seven years was with A. S. Mann & Company, being manager of the office. He then, in 1879, formed a connection with Ailing & Cory, wholesale paper merchants, also as manager of the office. This firm was incorporated in 1908 as the Ailing & Cory Company, and Mr. Burling was elected secretary and assistant treasurer, a position he holds at the present time. He has always been a staunch supporter of the Republican party, but has never aspired to holding public office. His religious affiliations in Canandaigua were with the Old Congregational church, and at present they are with the Third Presbyterian church of Rochester.

Mr. Burling married, at the Seneca Point Hotel, Canandaigua Lake, June 9, 1881, Helen Anna, born in Rochester, New York, February 22, 1863, daughter of Charles D. and Anna E. Castle. Mr. Castle was for many years owner and manager of the Seneca Point Hotel and a farm at Canandaigua Lake. Children: Karl Castle, born April 29, 1897, who is now (1910) at Cornell University, taking the special agricultural course; Margaret Grace, born February 1, 1890, is a student at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.



Ontario County NY,

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