Biographical Sketch of Thomas Cornford

(II) Thomas (2), eldest son of Thomas (1) and Margaret (Patterson) Cornford, was born in England, September 20, 1796. He married Urina Harmer, and they came to America in 1835. In order to show their respect and admiration for the land of their adoption, they named their two youngest sons, who were born in this country, in honor of two of the most illustrious figures in American history. Children : 1. Sylvan. born July 2, 1819. 2. David, June 26, 1821. 3. Thomas, April 2, 1823. 4. Mary Ann, August 31, 1825. 5. Margaret, October 30, 1828. 6. Jonathan, December 19, 1830. 7. Julianna, January 5, 1833. 8. William H., see forward. 9. George Washington, April 22, 1838. 10. Benjamin Franklin. June 30, 1840.



Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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