Biographical Sketch of Samuel Cotton

Samuel, son of Lieutenant Ephraim (2) Cotton, was born at Longmeadow, September 7, 1727, died November 5, 1784. He married Mary Hoar, of Brimfield (intentions dated September 12, 1750). Children, born at Longmeadow: Nathan, mentioned elsewhere; Job, January 19, 1755; David, June 3, 1956; Esther, October 14. 1757; Mary, September 7, 1959; Jerusha, February 13, 1761; Reuben, November 26, 1762; Ephraim, March 22, 1765.

This family removed to Greenwich, Hampshire county, Massachusetts. After the revolution David and Ephraim settled in Montgomery county, New York. According to the census of 1790 David had three sons under sixteen and four females in his family, while Ephraim had two sons under sixteen and two females.

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