Marriages In The Village Of Bergen In New Jersey 1665 – 1675

Beginning number is the Record Number

The bans of the following persons have been published for 1665 three Sundays, and as no objections have been raised, they have been married on the date and in the years, as follows:

1 December 3. Laurens Duyts and Grietje Jans. On the date as in margin their bans were proclaimed for the first time. As no objections have been raised, after three proclamations, their marriage has been concluded on January 1, 1666, by the minister or preacher.


2 January 14. Jan Dirckse Straetmaker, Y. M., and Geesje Gerritse, Y. D.

May 9. Hendrick Janse Oosteroom (widower) and Geesje Jacobs (widow). Married May 23, 1666, at Bergen.


4 May 8. Juriaen Tomassen, Y. M., and Reyckje Hermen, Y. D. Married May 25, 1667.


5 February 25. Andries Claesen, Y. M., and Preyntje Machielse, Y. D. Married March 25, 1668. All the above couples were married by the minister at Bergen.

6 May 17. Machiel Tades (widower) and Treyntje Jacobs (widow). Married June 8, 1668.

November 25. Hermen Smeeman (widower) and Annetje Dame (widow). Received, Dec. 9, 1668, certificate to New York.


8 June 9. Hendrick Cornelisse, Y. M., and Neeltje Cornelis, Y. D. Married June 9, 1669. Came here with certificate and were married by the court.


9 June 5. Enoch Machielse Vreeland, Y. M., and Dirckje Meyers, Y. D. Received, June 20, certificate to New York.

10 June 19. Johannes Magielse, Y. M., and Neeltje Hermens, Y. D. Received, July 23, 1670, certificate to _________?

11 July 10. Piet Cornelisse Van Steenwyk, Y. M., and Hendrickje Arentse, Y. D. Married July 31, before court at Bergen.

12 November 27. Matheus Cornelisse Van Nukerck, Y. M., and Anna Lubi, Y. D. Married December 14, 1670, by court at Bergen.


13 February 26. Casper Steynmets (widower) and Treyntje Jacobs (widow). Married March 15, before court at Bergen.

14 February 26. Walingh Jacobse Van Winckel, Y. M., and Catharyna Machielse, Y. D. Married March 15, by court at Bergen.

15 November 5. Andries Meyer, Y. M., and Vroutje Vande Voorst, Y. D. Were married upon certificate at New York.


16 January 14. Dirck Janse Van Oogsten, Y. M., and Elisabeth Cornelis, Y. D. Were married upon certificate at New York.

17 July 28. Lourus Arense Toers, Y. M., from Amsterdam, Holland, and Francyntje Tomas, Y. D., from New York. Married at New York Aug. 15, 1672.

18 August 18. Jacob Lubi (widower of Geertruyt Leons?) and Gerritje Cornelis (widow of Roelof Corneliss). Married by the minister at New York, September 4, 1672.

19 September 15. Arien Pieterse Buys, Y. M., from Tiel, and Treyntje Hendrickx Oosteroom, Y. D., from New Jersey. Married September 30, 1672, by the minister, at Bergen.

20 September 22. Fredrick Thomasse, Y. M., and Catharyna Hoppe, Y. D. Married October 23, by minister at New York.

21 Dircks Braack, Y. D. (rest illegible).

22 November 10. Jan Roelofse Eltingh, Y. M., and Jacomyntje Slech (widow of Gerrit Fooken) both living at Esopus. Received certificate to be married at Esopus, November 24, 1672.


23 August 11. New Style. Gerbrant Claese, Y. M., from Amersfoort on Long Island, and Merritje Claes, Y. D., from Gemenepa. Received certificate August 25, to Amersfoort, L. I.


24 November 141 0ld Style. Jacob Jacobse Van Winckel, Y. M., from New Albany, and Aaltje Daniels, Y. D., from New York. Have been married December 15, by the “Voorlezer” R. Van Giesen, in presence of the court.

25 November 14. Symon Jacobse Van Winckel, Y. M., from New Jersey, and Annetie Ariaense Sips, Y. D., from New York. Have been married December 15, by R. Van Giesen, “Voorlezer” in presence of court.

ED. Nora:-September, 1752: The (3rd) day of September then became the (14th) and in 1675 they were ten days behind the right time according to the “New Style,” therefore the above date is properly November 24, 1675.

The Holland Society. Year Books of the Holland Society of New York. New York: The Holland Society. 1914.

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