Baptisms in the Village of Bergen in New Jersey 1674- 1676


No Date Child Parents Witness & Sponsors
33 bp. Mar. 27 Jan Tomas Steegh Margritje Steeghs Claes Arentse Toers, Hertman Magielse, Grietje Jacobs
34 bp. Oct. 22 Banjamin Mr. Samuel Edsall  Elyas Magielse, Hillitje Jane


No Date Child Parents Witness & Sponsors
35 bp. Apr, 6 Claes Hertman Magielse Merritje Dirckse Dirck Claesen Braack , Feytje Hertmans
36 bp. Oct. 25 Hendrick Gerrit Gerritse, Annetje Hermans Engelbert Steen-Huys, Jurien Thomase, Annet Edsall, Y. D.


No Date Child Parents Witness & Sponsors
37 bo. Mar. 8 Ragel Elyas Magielse Grietje Jacobs  
38 bo. Apr. 18 Cornelis Pieter Cornelise Hendrickje Aerts  
39 bo. Apr. 22 Hendrick Claes Janse  Annetje Cornelis  
40 bp. May 22 Hendrickje Tonis Elisen Gerritje Gerrits Gerrit Tysen Pieter Hesselse Hermptje Hermens
41 bp. Oct. 2 Gerrit Jan Straetmaker Geesje Gerrits Jacob Cornelis Annetje Steynmets,Y.W.
42 bo. Sept. 19 Jacob Jacob Jacobse Aeltje Daniels  
43 obliterated Margrietje Symon Jacobs Annetje Ariaense  

The Holland Society. Year Books of the Holland Society of New York. New York: The Holland Society. 1913.

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