Biography of Samuel Goodrich

Samuel Goodrich, son of Abijah, was born in Fitchburg, Mass., September 6, 1788, and married Hannah Cain, of Weymouth, Mass., March 31, 181 r. He settled in Chesterfield about 1813, upon the farm now owned and occupied by Willard Henry, and remained there until his death, January 1, 1877. He was selectman in 1836, 1837, and 1842. He was an influential member of the Methodist church, was deaf for many years, yet occupied his seat at church. His children were Sarah, Hannah, Emily, Joseph C., Abijah, George, and James H. Joseph C., born December 11, 1817, married Hannah F., daughter of Nathaniel Atherton, March 5, 1845, and had born to him five children, as follows: James H., John F., George A., Joseph N., and Charlotte Mabel. Joseph C. Goodrich was selectman in 1849, ’52, and ’53, was town representative in 1853-54, and died October 27, 1863. James H., son of Joseph C., was born June 26, 1846, and married Sarah E., daughter of Africa Hildreth, October 2, 1869. He served in the Rebellion in Co. F, ist N. H. Vols. He was selectman in 1874 and 1875, is the present town clerk, and is a general merchant, residing on road 46. James H., son of Samuel, was born November io, 1823, married Martha S., daughter of Eleazer Randall, December 8, 1847. He has been selectman, and was town representative in x868-’69. He resides on Church street.

The Goodriches of England descended from an ancient Saxon family much more ancient than the date of the Norman Conquest. Its members were in possession of titles, lordships, houses and lands. At the fall of Harold, the last of the Saxon kings, they were driven from their possessions, and their lands confiscated to the crown. and parcelled out to the followers of the conqueror. Portions of their possessions are enrolled in the Doomsday book as titles of land holders under Norman lords. These records were made by order of William the Conqueror, A. D. 1086, and are deposited at Winchester, Eng. In 1706, Henry Grey, 12th Earl of Kent, was created Viscount Goodrich of Goodrich Castle, an ancient castle on the river Wye, in Wales, The Goodriches in America have produced some noted men, some of whom are the following: Elizur Goodrich, born at Wethersfield, Conn., October 6, 1734; Hon. Chancey Goodrich, M. C., born at Durham, Conn.; Samuel Griswold Goodrich, better known as Peter Parley:’ Charles Goodrich, the historian, and many others.



Hurd, Duane Hamilton. History of Cheshire and Sullivan counties, New Hampshire. Philadelphia: J. W. Lewis. 1886.

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