1st New Hampshire Regiment

A return of the Field, Staff & other Commissioned Officers in the First New Hampshire Regiment  from the 8th Day of November 1776 until the 1st January 1780. Noting the casualties that have happened during said term

Appointed Officers Names Rank Remarks
Nov 8, 1776 John Stark Col Resigned Mar. 23, 1777.—
do Joseph Cilley Lt. Col Promoted to Col. Feb 22, 1777. —
do George Reid Maj Promoted to Lt. Col. Apr 2, 1777 — Prom. to Lt. Col. Commander 2nd Regiment March 1778
Apr 9, 1777 Samuel Cotton Chaplain resigned Aug 14, 1777
Nov 8, 1776 Benjamin Kimball Pay Mas. Killed Aug 23, 1779 —
do Caleb Stark Adjutant left out of the new Arrangement
do Patrick Cogan Quart Ma died Aug 22, 1778 —
May 2, 1777 John Hale Surgeon resigned Jan 11, 1780
do John Poole Mate
Nov 8, 1776 Jeremiah Gilman Captain Promoted to major Apr 2, 1777. Promoted to Lieut Col Sep 20, 1777
do William Scott Captain Promoted to major Sep 20, 1777
do Amos Morrill Captain
do Jason Waite Captain
do John House Captain resigned mar 5, 1778
do Amos Emerson Captain
do Ebenezer Fry Captain
do Isaiah Farwell Captain
Apr 3, 1777 Nath Hutchens Captain
Apr 8, 1776 Simon Sartwell 1st Lieut Promoted to Capt Lt with rank of Capt. from Sept 20, 1777 –
do Moody Dustin 1st Lieut Promoted with rank of Capt. from March 5, 1778.
do James Gould 1st Lieut wounded & left out of the new Arrangement
do John Emerson 1st Lieut wounded & left out of the new Arrangement
do Peleg Williams 1st Lieut resigned May 10, 1778 —
do John Moore 1st Lieut left out of the new Arrangement
do James Taggart 1st Lieut resigned Aug 23, 1778
do Nathaniel McCalley 1st Lieut killed in the battle of New Town Aug 30, 1779
do Josiah Munroe 2nd Lieut appointed Quarter Master Aug 23, 1778
do William Bradford 2nd Lieut resigned Aug 24, 1778 —
do William Lee 2nd Lieut resigned Jan 10, 1778.
do Dan Clapp 2nd Lieut
do Asa Senter 2nd Lieut
do Jeremiah Pritchard 2nd Lieut appointed Adjutant Jan 1, 1778
do William Hutchens 2nd Lieut resigned June 23 1779 —
do Bezeleel Howe 2nd Lieut
do Simon Merrill Ensign Promoted to 2nd Lieut Sep 20, 1777
do Jonathan Willard Ensign Promoted to 2nd Lieut Jan 10, 1778
do Joseph Thompson Ensign Promoted to 2nd Lieut Mar 5, 1778
do Thomas Blake Ensign Promoted to 2nd Lieut May 11, 1778
do Francis Chandonett Ensign left out of the new Arrangement
do Joseph Lawrence Ensign died June 4, 1777
do David Mudgett Ensign resigned Nov 20, 1777
do Samuel Sweet Ensign resigned Sep 28, 1777
July 29, 1777 Jonathan Perkins Ensign
Sep 20, 1777 Joseph Mills Ensign
Sep 28, 1777 Hubbard Carter Ensign
Jan 10, 1778 Samuel Thompson Ensign



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