Nebraska Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alvin Saunders, Camp, Nebraska – At Lincoln.
Atkinson, Fort, Nebraska – Near Council Bluffs.

Bellevue Rifle Range, Nebraska – On Missouri River, 18 miles from Omaha.
Bitter Cottonwood Camp, Nebraska – Twenty-two miles west of Fort Laramie.

Calhoun Fort, Nebraska – On Missouri River, 17 miles above Omaha, in Washington County; now town of that name.
Canfield Cantonment, Nebraska – Near Ponca Creek.
Childs Fort, Nebraska – Now Fort Kearney.
Clay Fort, Nebraska – At Platte Bridge.
Cottonwood Fort. Nebraska – At Cottonwood Springs; subsequently called Fort McPherson.
Cottonwood Springs Fort at. Nebraska – Fort McPherson.
Crook Fort, Nebraska – Ten miles south of Omaha, Sarpy County.

Davis Camp, Nebraska – At Platte Bridge, 120 miles above Fort Laramie.

Floyd Fort, Nebraska – On Solomons Fork Republican River, 150 miles southwest of Fort Kearny.

Grand Island, Fort near, Nebraska – Fort Kearny
Grattan Fort, Nebraska – At Ash Hollow, in Taylor County, Platte River.

Hartsuff, Fort, Nebraska – On Loup River, 76 miles from Grand Island. (See Forts in Brown County, Nebraska)

Kearny (old) Fort, Nebraska- On Missouri River, 50 miles south of Omaha.
Kearny (new) Fort, Nebraska – On Grand Island, Platte River.

Loup River North Fork Post on Nebraska – Fort Hartsuff.

Meiklejohn Camp, Nebraska – At Omaha.
Mitchell Camp, Nebraska – At junction of Spoon HITI Creek and north fork of Platte River.

McKean Fort, Nebraska – Name changed to Fort McPherson.
McKee Camp, Nebraska – On Granite Creek.
McPherson Fort National Cemetery, Nebraska – At Maxwell, Lincoln County.
McPherson Fort, Nebraska – At Cottonwood Springs; established as Cantonment McKean

Nebraska State Soldiers’ Homes, Grand Island and Milford, Nebraska.
Niobrara, Fort, Nebraska – Cherry County, on Niobrara River, opposite mouth of Minnichudza River. (See Forts in Brown County, Nebraska)

Omaha Barracks or Fort, Nebraska – At Omaha.

Pawnee Agency Camp at, Nebraska.
Platte Fort, Nebraska – At junction of Laramie and Platte Rivers.
Poncas Island Camp, Nebraska – On Missouri River, near mouth of Ponca Creek.

Red Willow Camp, Nebraska – Near Republican River, 1 mile above mouth of Red Willow Creek.
Robinson, Fort, Nebraska – On White River, at the Red Cloud Agency.
Ruggles Camp, Nebraska – North fork of Loup River, about 2 miles from Fort Hartsuff.

Seclusion Camp, Nebraska – Near mouth of Little Missouri.
Saunders Alvin Camp, Nebraska – At Lincoln.
Sheridan Camp, Nebraska – West fork of Beaver Creek, 12 miles above its mouth.
Sherman Barracks, Nebraska – Same as Omaha Barracks.
Sidney Fort, Nebraska – Near Sidney.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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