History of Silver Creek Nebraska, 1866-1966

Eleven miles west of Clarks on the Union Pacific Railroad is the station of Silver Creek, Nebraska. The town, a testament to the enduring spirit of American frontier towns, began its history modestly in 1866. Nestled along the waters of its namesake, Silver Creek, the town’s origins are deeply intertwined with the development of the Union Pacific Railroad, which catalyzed its growth and established it as a pivotal locale in Merrick County. By 1880, Silver Creek was populated by settlers drawn by agricultural prospects and the burgeoning railroad industry. These early residents, primarily of European descent, built a community that valued hard work, education, and religious life, evidenced by the early establishment of churches and schools. As Silver Creek entered the 20th century, it continued to evolve, maintaining its foundational ties to agriculture and community.

Silver Creek derived its name from the clearness, sparkle and color of the little stream which meanders over the prairie near the town. The’ first post office was established at Lathrop’s ranch, two miles below Silver Creek. It was called “Silver Glen” but after Silver Creek was platted, the post office was removed to that point.

Among the earliest settlers in and around Silver Creek were the Shaw brothers, Mr. Lathrop, (who kept a ranch two miles below the town), J. and Ed. Howland (who located one half mile north), and James Brown (who built a house in the spring of 1871). It was during the year 1870 that Rev. H. C. Shaw, one of the pioneer Episcopalian ministers of this region, organized the society which has remained in his charge up to the present time. It now has a membership of about twenty. A district school was organized in 1871, which is now under the superintendency of Dr. E. L. Robinson. The attendance is about thirty. The first marriage occurred July 4, 1871, Thomas Gannon and Mary Foster being united in the holy bonds. Soon afterward, D. C. Kelley and Ella Lee were united in marriage.

This centennial was put together by a committee of townsfolks who provided some basic history, filling in the blank space with anecdotes and photographs of the town in history and its people.

Table of Contents

First Families, p. 4
The Country Store, p. 6
Street Scenes, p. 8
Newspaper History, p. 10
Entertainments, p. 12
Silver Creek Bands, p. 14
Silver Creek Celebration, p. 16
Modes of Travel, p. 34
Flashbacks from 1890 to about 1915, p. 35
Working Together, p. 36
Good Old days, p. 37
Your Centennial Committee, p. 38
Present Day Churches, p. 40
Advertisements, p. 41


Silver Creek Nebraska Editorial Committee, Centennial, Silver Creek, Nebraska 1866-1966, Silver Creek, Nebraska : Silver Creek, Nebraska, 1966.



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