The Fox and the Salmon

S’beau (The Fox) and Su-Adu (The Salmon)

Spose you like to hear something about fish. Yes, Indian all over this whulge (Sound) country, he know much about fish. Some way this river people all over. S’Beau, hees best friend for Su-adu; he make bargain with salmon this way: He run up rivers and creeks all the time and look for place salmon can stay when he lay eggs. When salmon come up S’Beau he maybe see salmon run in bad place where he will get struck and die if water go down. S’Beau he run out and chase salmon and holler: “Hey, you, come out of there quick; this no good place for you.” For this S’Beau get one nice fish every day.


Bruseth, Nels. Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish and Allied Tribes. 1926.

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