Qualla Reservation Map

The following map outlines the “Qualla Boundary” of which became the Qualla Reservation in North Carolina.

Qualla Reservation
Qualla Reservation

Cherokee, Map,

Qualla Reservation,

Donaldson, Thomas. Indians, Eastern Band of Cherokees of North Carolina 11th Census of the United States, Robert P. Porter, Superintendent, US Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1892.

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  1. Aho,
    I am trying to find out information on my 4th Great Grandmother, Sally Yellow Cloud Qu-Sadui. Her father was Chief Yellow Bear Qu-Sadui. She was born about 1758 and died about 1821. Grandfather was born early 1700’s and died before 1828. I am hoping you can point me in the right direction for more information. I live in Oregon at the moment and can’t travel. I am the Family Historian and in my 60’s. I want to finish my search before I join them. I know the future needs to learn of their past, this is my goal. Can you help? Thanks so very much!

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