Oklahoma Land Patents – Oto Tribe

Oklahoma Land Patents – Oto Tribe

BARNES, WILLIAM D01/21/1909197690-0841900
CHILDS, HARRY08/08/191069-10148415
CHILDS, HARRY08/14/191186014-10220864
CLEGHORN, JAMES10/29/1908162992-0825575
DAILEY, CHARLES W10/29/1908162989-0825574
DAILEY, SAMUEL W03/29/190920462-0953923
DEROIN, ERNEST01/24/1910112180-09106060
DEROIN, JAMES01/24/1910112180-09106060
DUPEE, LYDIA H08/14/191186014-10220863
DUPEE, LYDIA N08/08/191069-10148416
HARRAGARRA, MOSES01/24/1910104819-09106056
HILLIS, LYDIA JACKSON08/08/191069-10148416
HILLIS, LYDIA JACKSON08/14/191186014-10220863
PIPESTEM, FANNIE L ROBEDEAUX01/09/1913284421308762
PIPESTEM, GEORGE01/09/1913284421308763
ROBERT BIG SOLDIER03/29/190920457-0953920

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