New Jersey Indians – K Surnames

Kaanserein. Indian deed, May i, 1701. See Tapgow.

Kagkennip, i. Indian deed, Jan. 10, 1658. See Bomokan.

Kagno-Onnen. Indian deed, May i, 1701. See Tapgow.

Kahaew. Indian deed, April 21, 1727. See Mowessawach.

Kaharosse. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey.

Kanashalees. Indian deed, Oct. 23, 1758. See Egohohoun.

Karstangh. See Carstangh.

Kasamen. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey.

Katamas, Sekappie, Poanto alias Enequete, Rennowighwan, Jackickon. Indian deed, Sept. 10, 1677, to Thomas Olive, for lands from Rankokus Creek to Timber creek. W. J. Deeds, Lib. B, Part i, p. 4.

Keekott, Robert. Power of attorney, Feb. 23, 1758. See Teedyescunk. An Ancocus Indian. Penn. Ar chives, III., 342. See ib., 345.

Kekehela and Ashitaman. Indian deed, May n, 1715, to Isaac DeCow, of Burlington, for tract on a run called Timakeequahung, lying in the forks of Rancockos or Northampton River. W. J. Deeds, Lib. HH, p. 48.

Kekroppamant, 395. Indian deed, Oct. 10, 1677. See Ahtahkones.

Keksameghn, 17. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow.

Kenarenawack, 7. Indian deed, July 20, 1668. See Anaren.

Kenockome. Indian deed, May 12, 1681. See Machcote. Kenockome. Indian deed, Dec. 12, 1681. See Machote.
(And see also Konockama.) Kepanoockonickon, 422. Indian deed, April 9, 1688. See Hoeham.

Keromack, Keromacke, sachem, and three others, 5 1 . Indian deed, Oct. 17, 1681. See Eschapous. Page 57- Indian deed, Feb. 26, 1683-4. See

Eschapouse. (And see Queremack.)
Kesshuwicon, 440. Indian deed, June 9, 1683. See Manhauxett.

Kesyaes. Indian deed, June 7, 1677. See Querameck. Kewigtaham (witness), 17. Indian deed, May 19, 1671. See Assawakow.

Kighewigwom, 560. Indian deed, Dec. 12, 1699. See Cottenochque. (Kiche-wiffwam Big house.)

Kit-marius. Chief of Soupnapka, N. J. With three other Indian Chiefs, at a conference with Governor Andros, May 13, 1675. See Ipan Kickan.

Knatsciosan, witness to Indian deed of July 11, 1667. See Wapamuck. Wounded a Dutchman at Bergen in 1678. Indians of N. J., 110.

Knoshieoway. Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Taphaow.

Kohonk. See Alpoongan.

Konackama and Queromak, Raritan Indians. Indian deed, May 4, 1681, for tract near Bound Brook, Metapes Wigwam, etc. First Things in Old Somerset, 4.

Konackama and Queromack. Indian deed, May 4, 1681, for lands on Raritan river and Bound Brook (by the Indians called Sacunk). Elizabethtown Bill in Chancery, 53.

Konjuring. Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Taphaow.

Konran. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey.

Korougha, an Indian, complained to the Governor and Council, November 27, 1684, that David De Maresenr had bought a tract of land west of Hackensack River, of one Mumshaw, an Indian Sachim, that had no right to the same, in wrong and injury of said Korough. N. J. Archives, XIII., 137.

Kovand, 73. Indian deed, Oct. 16, 1684. See Hayamakeno. The tract bounds on “Kovand’s land.” He is one of the grantors, also. See Coovang, Coovange.

Krepelbos (a Dutch word, meaning a thicket). Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey.

Kueshmoway. Indian deed, Aug. 13, 1708. See Mokowisguanda.

Kwoytes. Indian deed, June 8, 1677. See Mendawasey.


Personal Names Of Indians Of New Jersey, By William Nelson, 1904, The Paterson History Club, Paterson, N. J.

1 thought on “New Jersey Indians – K Surnames”

  1. I grew up in Bound Brook
    – 4th generation there
    1865- 1900-1923-1954 ATD 1981
    Family survived 1999 Flood
    Last of 3 endured
    Raritan River surge Hurricanes
    Inundate downtown …
    Great Uncle – Pennsy RR
    Grandfather – Chitch
    Mom -Chrissie StPeters RN
    Dad- Metape Const
    Developed Metape Village
    County Line Rd- Hillsboro
    We originated @ 68Talmadge Ave –
    1963 moved to 264 Metape Circle

    Know the Council Oak location
    Metape Indian agreements..
    Know Middlebrook Campground for 13 star flag drop Betsy Ross to GW – who named it Bound Brook
    Due to the 1 sq mile area /
    Bounded by Brooks & Rivers

    Dad also built Twin Rivers NJ
    Planned community 1971 located at the open plains where Metape Indians dwelled
    We never found any Metape Artifacts growing up when in the woods Brooks River or during const excavations at all 3 locations .
    1 thing we all knew – outsiders did not how to pronounce
    ” Metape ” – !!!

    Truly a beautiful spiritual place
    A hub for Atlantic ocean and mercantile trade – via the Raritan River ..

    Got questions – contact me
    Johnny O
    BBHS ’71
    Hall of Fame

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