Middlesex County Ontario Indians

Middlesex County Ontario Indians: A descriptive collection on the Nations history in Middlesex County Ontario. Extracted from the History of the County of Middlesex, Ontario: from the earliest time to the present, containing an authentic account of many important matters relating to the settlement, progress and general history of the county, and including a department devoted to the preservation of personal and private records, etc.

The Council of Petagwano, now Point Edward, was held about 1775. The question which the British agents placed before this Council, “Which should they help, American or British?” was discussed. They had been in council six days, but could not agree, so that they sent for the great prophet and chief of the Hurons, Weinekeuns. This chief was grimly grotesque. Large and powerful as he was, Providence endowed him with three noses or sets of nostrils: a small nose on each side of the center one. On arriving he stepped into the center of the Council, and, addressing the warriors, said: “My brothers, the Great Spirit tells me that we poor Indians had best keep silence, for the Keshemokomon (Big Knife, or American), will drive us away beyond the Rocky Mountains. These beautiful forests will not be our home. It may be you and I will be gone to the happy hunting grounds of our fathers, but these things will surely come. The Americans fight for themselves and the British for their King. The Americans are few, but they can fight for themselves, and have a great advantage; they will drive the English back over the great waters, and will fight to the last. So there is no hope for us. Remain in peace. The Great Spirit has spoken.” This chief was known to the early settlers along the river. He reached the age of 125 years and his wife 101 years, they being the parents of fifteen children.

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