Marble Salt Works and Store

Cherokee Nation, May 1, 1866,
Received of Joseph Starr his discharge as a private in Company I of the Eighty-third Regiment United States Colored Infantry, to collect bounty thereon, and to return March 1, 1866.


Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation.
Marble Salt Works And Store,

To Alex Clapperton,

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April     9To hauling$246
April 9To 1 pound blue mass125
April 28To hauling to and from Smith, 6 days, at $3.50 per day2100
May 1 .To 224 pounds sugar, at 18 cents per pound4032
May 4To hauling300
May 10To rent for kettles
May 11To hauling525
May 11To 1 lamp3350
May 11To hauling2250
May 15To hauling975
May 30To hauling to Lick562
May 31Paid Guleger1665
May 26Paid for flour and hauling9975
May 31Paid to Jones1950
April 10Paid Jim Morris.400
May 3Paid Samuel McGilleroy2240
May 10Paid for John Heughs225

The above has all been duly credited. True copy, less the hauling to Lipe and Bryant; Lipe, 824.40, Bryant, $21.24, May 25 and May 28, 1870.

Marble Salt Works,
Cherokee Nation, June 14, 1870.
SIR: Enclosed please find a copy of credits. You will find by looking over it that I have gave you credit for six days, hauling to Smith and return, at $3.50 per day, as I had you credited in the book in that way, but overlooked it when you was here on account of its being half of it charged to the Lick. Ben was credit to 815 instead of $21, as I told you, and Mr. C. thinks that a great plenty, $3.50 per day„ as he paid all expenses there and back. The hauling salt and corn for Lipe and Bryant I cannot give you credit for unless yon allow us to charge $1.25 to you for it, as you will readily see that by us charging 87½- cents for the salt and paying you 37 cents for hauling, would only leave us 50 cents for the salt. Therefore, the only way to do it is for us to charge you $1.25 for the salt and corn delivered at Bryant’s, Lipe’s, or any place else, except­ing when you collect the freight yourself, and then give you credit for the hauling of the same. If you collect the freight yourself, we then will only charge you 87½ cents per bushel. But if we give you credit for the freight, we will have to charge you $1.25 per bushel.

I have only charged you. 87½ cents for the salt and corn to Lipe and Bryant; therefore I omit the $24.40 and $21.24 in this copy of credits to be given to you, and charges to store account.

When you say so, I will charge you with the extra 3 bits, making $1.25, and you, of course, will make Lipe and Bryant pay that to you, or give you credit for $1.25, and then I will give you credit for 3 bits a bushel for hauling.

Hoping you will see into it and it will all be right, I remain, as ever, yours, &c.,




42nd Congress. Alleged Frauds Against Certain Indian Soldiers. House of Representatives Report, 2nd Session, No. 96.

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