List of Pension Claimants

Department Of The Interior,
Washington, D. C., March 15, 1866.

Sir: In order to enable Mr. Whiting while at Fort Gibson to pay the pensions which, upon the investigation he is required to make there, may be found to be due, I have to request that you will inscribe the names of the following-named claimants upon the pension-rolls. The rates and commencement of the pensions allowed will be hereafter supplied.

The names of those claimants thus inscribed upon the rolls who may be found not to be legally entitled to pensions will be stricken from the rolls on the receipt of his report after his return; viz:

Ann Brown, widow of Isaac Brown.
Atuchita Davis, widow of John Davis.
Akey Sanders, widow of Wilson Sanders.
Arley Walter, widow of Walter.
Arley War-cksi, widow of Wales-ka-but.
Anne Tun-nee-no-ce, widow of Tun-nee-nc-ce.
Ann Tiger, widow of Red-bird Tiger.
Akey Cochrane, widow of Wind Cochrane.
Anna Brown, widow of Thomas Brown.
Ah-yah-noo-le Bear, widow of John Bear.
Anna Ellis, widow of Nathaniel Ellis.
A-Nee-Key, widow of Sid-a-wa-gy.
Anna Baldridge’ widow of Samuel Baldbridge.
Anna Blackbird, widow of William Blackbird.
Aneey, widow of Os-wa-se-ty.
Aley Poor, widow of Poor.
Anna Barron, widow of Jack Barron.
Anna Cah-wah-s-sa-shi widow of Cah-nah-s-sa-shi.
Akey Walker, widow of John. Walker.
A. King Dragger, widow of Asa Dragger.
Ah-ter-yan Deer, widow of Young Deer.
Anna Balbridge, widow of John Balbridge.
Arley Oolstoo, widow of Stephen Oolstoo.
Ann Fencer, widow of Jackson Fencer.
Akego, widow of Swimmer.
Anna Fish, widow of John Fish.
Arch Killer, (invalid.)
Abot Downing.
Betsey Justice, widow of Sidney Justice.
Betsey Te-ca-ne-e-shi (ooste,) widow of Ta-ca-ne-e-shi. (ooste.)
Betsey Potatoe, widow of Tom Potatoe.
Betsey Olor-no-ti-ski, widow of Olor-nc-ti-ski.
Betsey Glass, widow of Henry Morgan.
Betsey Beamer, widow of Wesh Beamer
Bear Brown, widow of James.
Betsey Waits, minor of Ned Leak.
Betsey Drywater, widow of Drywater.
Betsey Hog Shooter, widow of Hog Shooter.
Betsey Creek, widow of George Creek.
Chee-co-no-lo. widow of Wah-yah-gor-lor-no.
Co-co-than, widow of Co-wee-na.
Charlotte Conseeme, widow of David Conseeme.
Co-fasa-cah-ka-na widow of Cah-ka-na.
Chee-squah-nee-go, widow of Ato-la-he-asti.
Chee-nah-yee Sixkiller, widow of Delaware Sixkiller.
Chee-nah-tah, widow of Johnson Olahoater.
Ca-ha-koh, widow of Lowly Middlestriker.
Ca-her-kah, (Cherokee Nation,) minor of Middlestriker.
Cla-wa-youke, widow of Opossum Sixkiller.
Catharine Bowlin, widow of Edmund Bowlin.
Chi-yau-see, widow of Ta-qua-ah Wolf.
Co-no-hee-mar-thlar, minor of Tso-fil-caphar-jo.
Chee-nagi Goodmoney, widow of Eli Goodmoney.
Ca-loo-ci-fe-si-nigi, widow of Tsa-ga-no-rah.
Co-ne-oh, widow of Chofaluck Harjo.
Ca-ha-cah, widow of Red Ellis.
Chee-yo-sa, widow of Wah-noo-see.
Co-he-na, widow of Check-sut-to-yate.
Ca-n-quannn, (invalid.)
Dal-ka, widow of Be-coote-she.
De-ka-ki-ya-ski, widow of Deer in the Water.
Darkie Pig Mike, widow of Pig Mike.
Dianna Killernitck, widow of Killernitck.
De-la-ko-gee, widow of Tute-ka-ha-see.
Dirh Seller, (invalid.)
Daniel R. Gourd, (invalid.)
Elsa Duck, widow of Young Duck.
Eliza Barnett, widow of Young Barnett.
Ellen Sunshine, widow of Sunshine.
Elizabeth Shade, widow of Johnson Shade.
Eliza Young Deer, widow of Young Deer.
Ezekiel Black Fox, minor of Howling Wolf.
Ester Baldbridge, widow of Charles Big Drum.
Elizabeth Walking Stick. widow of Samuel Walking Stick.
Farr-sah, minor of Herr Tra-fix-eco.
Fee-nee, widow of No-co-se-go-ho-co.
Fin-no-teh-he, widow- of Tus-cam-smick-co-cho.
Go-lo-na-ja, widow of O-la-yo-a.
Grass, (invalid.)
Ho-stuc-to-shee, widow of Sumpkee.
Ho-tah-boh-who-is, widow of Ah-wa-tul-e-co.
Hester Dun Drum, widow of Wilson Drum.
Ish-chom-buh, widow of Ka-peh-go-harjo.
Jane Harling, widow of Ellis Hailing.
Jane Le Keskee, widow of John Le Keskee.
Jenny Welch, widow of John Welch.
Jane Killersmith, widow of Samuel Killersmith.
Jane Wilson, widow of Joseph Wilson.
Jemima Poor Boy, widow of Samuel Poor Boy.
James Glass, (guardian,) minor of Ridge.
John Smith, minor of Horace Brown.
Jane Pathkiller, minor of William Bump.
Jane Kee-kee, minor of Moses Vann.
James Creek, (guardian,) minor of Hickory.
John Sheah, minor of Car-eah-pa-na.
Jenny, widow of Ke-you-kah or Ground Squirrel.
Ke-sa, widow of Hog Shooter.
Kitty, widow of Char-co-c-o-wee.
Katy Stealer, widow of Josiah Stealer.
Ko-a-le-cha, widow of Moses.
Kah-ho-ke Greece, widow of Greece.
Kate Looney, widow of Looney.
Keen-bah, widow of Ne-or-ha-got.
Ker-no-chee, widow of Ossquall or Bolty.
Kah-la-neh, widow of Jimmy.
Kah-la-yo-i Dave, widow of Dave.
Lucinda Dry Head, widow of Seunti Dry Head.
Lydia Walkabout, widow of Buffalo Walkabout.
Lucy, widow of Te-char-jo.
Lydia Cochrane, widow of Walt Cochrane.
Louisa Pelican, widow of Leaf Pelican.
Lydia Reese, widow of F. Joe Reese.
Lizzie Brush, widow of George Brush.
Lydia Aflame, widow of George Adams.
Lucinda Sanders, widow of Arch Sanders.
Lydia Stand, (guardian,) minor of Stand.
Lucy Gutler, (guardian,) minor of Gutler.
Lucy Bend About, (guardian,) minor of Adam Dirt Seller.
Laury Harris, widow of James Harris.
Lockar Barrett, minor of Jack Barrett.
Leeha Butler, widow of John Butler.
Lansey Canal widow of Arch Crowe.
Lucy Plow, widow of Plow.
Lizzie Woodward, widow of Jacob Woodward.
Lucinda Charley, widow of Charley.
Lucy, widow of Cat-so-ha-je.
Mariah Lawley, widow of Lawley Killer.
Minerva Davis, widow of Jesse Davis.
Margaret The-Kee, widow of Charles The-Kee.
Margaret Hammer, widow of Hammer.
Margaret Passon, widow of Stephen Passon.
Moses Bend About, Cherokee Nation, (guardian,) minor of Bend About.
Mary Ann Thornton, widow of William Thornton.
Margaret Webber, Cherokee Nation, (guardian,) minor of William Webber.
Mary A. Gooseby, widow of Joseph Gooseby.
Money Cryer, (guardian,) minor of Knob.
Maria, widow of Echo Harjo.
Mary Palmer, widow of Charles Palmer.
Mars-bee-wee, widow of Ah-pi-we-harjo.
Martha Rogers, widow of Jackson Kennard.
Mattie Cowa-hajo, widow of Iste Nuffee.
Nahoury Simmonds, widow of Lacy Simmonds.
Nee-e-si-Sharp, widow of Samuel Sharp.
Na-ke-Scraper, widow of George Scraper.
Nancy Ben Nelson, widow of Ben Nelson.
Nancy Johnson, widow of Jamesse-no-ga-alor-no-biska.
Nancy Jumper, widow of Jumper.
Nancy Downing, widow of Alexander Downing.
Nancy Wa-ha-chi, widow of Wa-ha-chi.
Nancy Yo-ha-to, widow of Jim Yo-ha-to.
Nancy Ben Sanders, widow of Ben Sanders.
Nelly Sourjohn, widow of William Sourjohn.
Nakey, widow of Every Sort.
Nancy Marshall, widow of Lester Marshall.
Nancy Riley, widow of John Riley.
Narvin Ross, widow of Daniel Ross.
Nancy Catcher Runner, widow of Catcher Runner.
Nally Smith, widow of John Smith.
Nelly Allechar, widow of Allechar.
Nelly Archy, widow of Archy.
Nancy Christie, widow of Richard Christie.
Nathan Fish, (guardian,) minor of George Weaver,
Nancy Hunter, widow of Samuel Hunter.
Nancy Six Killer, widow of John Foster.
Naw-Yee-See Hank, widow of Isaac Hank.
Nelly Glass, widow of Judge Glass.
Nancy Johnson, widow of Johnson.
Nanny, widow of Cot-so-thee.
Nelly Doctor, widow of Doctor.
Na-ke-Scraper, widow of George Scraper.
No-ha-lar, (invalid.)
Oo-to-yi-Hider, widow of Hider.
Oo-skoo-nee-Downing, widow of Walter Downing.
Oo-sk-ya-O-yo-dlk-a, widow of 0-yo-dle-a.
Oker-ker-ner-yon, widow of Toney.
Owa-La-Yoke, widow of Oo-sow-wee.
Oo-tah-yi-Wicked, widow of Wicked,
Ona-La-Yoke, widow of Jumcy.
Oc-to-ga-Spirit, widow of Spirit.
On-neka-lo it; widow of Oh-c-nar-lude,
Polly Harjo, widow of Chorles Harjo.
Polly Lowry, widow of Squid Lowry.
Polly Leach, widow of Dick Leach.
Polly Downing, widow of Dull Downing,
Peggy Wilson, widow of Lacy Wilson.
Peggy Cornsilk, widow of Torn Cornsilk.
Phofack Sponua, widow of Sponna.
Polly S. Cow-wi, widow of Si-cow-wi.
Polly Star White Killer, widow of Star White Killer.
Polly Downing, widow of George Downing.
Peggy Dick, widow of Little Dick.
Pauline, Tandrum, widow of Thomas Tandrum,
Polly Tiger, widow of Wheeler Tiger.
Peggy Sanders, widow of Samuel Sanders.
Polly Mankiller, widow of Scott Mankiller.
Polly Tucker, widow of William Tucker.
Rachel Gah-sai-heeler, widow of Gah-sai-heeler, or Rain Crow,
Rachel Rain Crow, widow of John Rain Crow,
Rachel Tadpole, widow of Eli Tadpole.
Ready Elow-we, widow of Elow-we.
Rilezas Double, widow of Jack Double.
Rachel Catcher, widow of Catcher.
Sally Going Smoke, widow of Going Smoke.
Selah Leach, widow of Beaver Leach.
Si-a-ma, widow of Blue Batt.
Susannah John Stooty, widow of Ocach-meu John Stooty.
Suhic Trotting Wolf, widow of Trotting Wolfe.
Smith Christie, Cherokee Nation, (guardian,) minor of Potatoe.
Sally Price, widow of Joseph Price.
Sally Scraper (guardian,) minor of George Scraper.
Susan Situwaki, widow of Situwaki.
Sally C. M., (guardian,) minor of Burnsweet Bee.
Sa-n-ga-cas-see-la-na, widow of Cas-see-la-wa.
Susan Tah-la-sar, widow of Creek Tah-la-sar.
Susy, widow of Big Torn.
Segavi, Cherokee Nation, (guardian,) minor of Josh Turner.
Susan Van, wife of Henry Van.
Susannah Tick Eater, Cherokee Nation, minor of Nicholas Walker.
Sarah Eagle, widow of Eagle.
Sarah Horner, widow of David Horner.
Sarah Hawkins, widow of Charles Hawkins.
Sak-Co-la-na, (guardian,) minor of San-Yah-pah-kee.
Swyee, (guardian,) minor of H. La-on-ta.
Susan Ga-tu-la-sta, widow of Harry Ga-ta-la-sta.
Sally Swimmer, widow of Joseph Swimmer.
Sarah Charles Tick Spring, widow of Tick Spring.
Si-e-givn-nah, widow of Ko-ai-fixeer.
Susanna Pike, widow of Pike.
Snsey, widow of Cow-e-to-najo.
Sallie, widow of Ah-ha-le-ma-lab, Snina General, widow of General.
Sarah Arch Daniel, widow of Arch Daniel.
Sarah Black Haw, widow of Black Haw.
Susan Le-how Motte-harjo, widow Of La-how Motteharjo.
Soosky, widow of Steward.
Ska-qua, (invalid.)
To-ha Nicholson, widow of Scropes Nicholson.
Ta-ka Hammer, widow of Torn Hammer.
Tor-my Ye Narker, widow of Edmund Walker.
Tah-bar-t-wa, Cherokee Nation, (guardian,) minor of In-din-is-harjo.
Te-th-le-ke, widow of Co-wit-the.
To Youl-see, widow of Wa-hoo-hoo.
??la Ho-lock-e-ho-lo, widow of Ho-lock-e-hor-lo.
Ta-key, widow of Tom Hammer.
T-Na, widow of Kus-ka-lus-ky.
Ta-co-on-a, (guardian,) minor of Ta, Cornethla.
Ta-cha-Fog, minor of Pratt Fish.
Tax-si-yah-tra-tra-sah, minor of Hunter.
Tsa-gor-Nelson, widow of Nelson.
To-ne-me-hah Tah-who, widow of Ta-marth-lo-To-ho-lo.
Tagoo, widow of Nah-mak-co-cee.
Tawny Feeling, widow of Feeling.
Un-cla-we, widow of Che-fix-c-cae.
Winna, widow of W. M. Clinton.
Wah-thla-wa, widow of Pah-to-ca.
Wa-ti Ya, widow of Misteala.
Wilson, (guardian,) minor of Hawk Four Killer.
Watty Dick Oa-tsur-lu-tah, widow of Dick Oo-tsur-la-tah.
Witch, widow of Ta-ha-lo-chu.
Wastee, (invalid.)
Washington Henson. (invalid.)
Walker Stean, (invalid.)
Yana-chit-wa, widow of James Tobacco.
Volker, widow of E. Morthur-ha-jo.

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As it is desirable that Mr. Whiting should proceed to Fort Gibson, and enter upon the duties with which he is charged, at as early a day as possible, I should be glad you could have this order carried into effect immediately.

I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,
The Commissioner of Pensions.

42nd Congress. Alleged Frauds Against Certain Indian Soldiers. House of Representatives Report, 2nd Session, No. 96.

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