Kuitsh Indians

Kuitsh Indians. Significance unknown. Also called:

  • Ci-sta’-gwût-mê’ tunnĕ’, Mishikwutmetunne name, meaning “people
  • dwelling on the stream called Shista.”
  • Lower Umpqua, or Umpwua, popular name.
  • Tu’kwil-mä’-k’i, Alsea name.

Kuitsh Connections. The Kuitsh belonged to the Yakonan linguistic stock, though so remotely connected that Frachtenberg (1911, p. 441) thought of placing them in an independent family, the Siuslawan.

Kuitsh Location. On Lower Umpqua River.

Kuitsh Villages

According to Dorsey these were:

  • Chitlatamus
  • Chukhuiyathl
  • Chukukh
  • Chupichnushkuch
  • Kaiyuwuntsunitthai
  • Khuwaihus
  • Kthae
  • Kuiltsh
  • Mikulitsh
  • Misun
  • Ntsiyamis
  • Paiuiyunitthai
  • Skakhaus
  • Takhaiya
  • Thukhita
  • Tkimeye
  • Tsalila
  • Tsetthim
  • Tsiakhaus
  • Tsunakthiamittha
  • Wuituthlaa

Kuitsh Population. The Kuitsh are usually classed with the Siuslaw. Mooney (1928) estimates the entire Yakonan stock at 6,000 in 1780, and by 1930 this had been reduced to 9. The Kuitsh are nowhere separately enumerated.

Kuitsh, Yakonan,

Swanton, John R. The Indian Tribes of North America. Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 145. Washington DC: US Government Printing Office. 1953.

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