Inquiry of Bounty for Vann, Clay, Webber, and Height

Indian Territory, February 8, 1871.

SIR: We have been requested to inquire of you relative to the following claims for bounty, &c. Please advise us of the amounts paid, and to whom; also whether by check, or in current money:

John Vann, late of Company A, Third Regiment Indian Home Guards; Joseph Vann father and claimant, says he has not received bounty. Wright’s book shows the following: “Amount collected, $165; claim for bounty filed July, 1867; action of Department paid.” Henry Clay, private, Company B, First United States (Kansas) Colored, (perhaps discharged from Seventy-ninth United States Colored,) applied for bounty through J. W. Wright. He has never received either original or additional. He was indebted to D. H. Ross, (Ross, Ganter & Co.,) of this town, to the amount of $85, and fears his bounty was improperly assigned to the Saint Louis creditors of that firm, together with many others, though he never authorized such an assignment.

Major J. A. Foreman desires to know what amount was collected, or is due as arrears of pay to William Webber, Captain Company E, Third Indian Home Guards. Fore- man says Webber was under his command, and served faithfully until killed in action; that he never received pay for his five months’ service. Widow’s name is Margaret.

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James Height, Company C, Second Indian Home Guards. Widow, War-le-y-roper, says she received from F. H. Nash, $85, one-half cash, and the remainder to her credit for store goods. Wright’s book shows: “Amount collected, $153.83; number of receipt 1686; original claim filed March, 1867; action of Department, paid; claim for second bounty tiled September 1, 1869.”

The foregoing are illustrations of the cases that are daily brought to our attention. We have hardly met a claimant who was paid the full amount due in cash. We at present send inquiries only in such cases as are called up by the more intelligent and positive of our visitors.

Very respectfully, yours,
Pension-Agent, and Special Agent Pension-Office.
Hon. E. B. FRENCH,
Second Auditor.

42nd Congress. Alleged Frauds Against Certain Indian Soldiers. House of Representatives Report, 2nd Session, No. 96.

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