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Our tribal history pages serve as a curated cross-index of specific content on our site relevant to each tribe. This page is for all Indian Tribes which start with the letter F. While these pages are not intended to replace our search function, which offers a broader range of mentions for each tribe, they provide a quick reference point for researchers seeking extensive material on a specific tribe. Where indicated, author names or book titles accompany some links. For more detailed information about each author or book, please visit our main Indian Tribes of the United States page.

Faraon Apache Indians

Fernandeño Indians

Five Nations Indians

Flandreau Sioux Indians

Flathead Indians

Florida Indians

Fox Indians

Fresh Water Indians

  • Fresh Water Indians – Swanton
    The Fresh Water Tribe, also known as “Agna Dulce,” refers to the inhabitants of several towns in eastern Florida between St. Augustine and Cape Canaveral. These towns included Anacape, Antonico, Maiaca, and several others, although not all native names have been preserved. This region’s history mirrors that of other Timucua provinces, with notable events including Ponce de Leon’s arrival in 1513 and the establishment of Spanish missions in the 17th century. The population saw a rapid decline following early conversions to Christianity. By 1602, 300 individuals from this district had been Christianized or were under instruction.

Fus-hatchee Indians

  • Muskogee Indians – Swanton
    Not a major division of the Muskogee Indians; on the north bank of Tallapoosa River in Elmore County, 2 miles below Holiwahali. They may have been related to the Holiwahali.

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