Day Schools Choctaw Nation – O-R

Owl Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Ben Wolfe17
Elmer McCarter13
Emmet McCarter9
Farris Monds6
Augustus Znola9
Wilson Williams8
William Thomas9
Female Choctaw Students
Fannie Wolfe11
Mattie Wallas17
Myrtle Wallas9
Mindie Monds8
Annie Znola8
Hester Znola6
Betsey Zucker11
Hannie McClurg8
Lizie Thomas12
Minnie Thomas11
Ethel Thomas7
Ida Wolfe6
Male White Students
Coke Farley15
Robert Farley13
Arthur Farley10
Henry Farley8
Howard Boland10
Jessie Jones10
Willie Mitchel12
Verdie Mitchel8
Andrew F–ntes7
Bennie Body8
Robert Body6
Lafayette Barnhill10
John Barnhill13
Roy Mullins7
Lorn Davis18
Franklin Hunter9
Alex Hunter7
Dewey Hunter6
Leroy Kirby8
Edgar Rea6
Aubrey Cross12
Nelson Hicks9
Female White Students
Katie Estus8
Maudie Frantz8
Amie Frantz6
Pearl Davis14
Maggie Davis8
Lottie Hunter10
Annie Rea7
Lora Boland8
Ollie Ray14
Emma Ray11
Binnie Ray7
Bessie Lee Cross6
Ethel Irwin6
Dollie Harryman11
Mildred Barnhill7
Dewey Barnhill6
Mattie Znola17
Inez McCord9
Ethel Ewing7
Sallie Grist13
Rena Grist8
Belle Jones15
Sabra Hall16
Francis Self10
Jettie Self7
Flora Hicks14
Elvia Hicks9
Susan Hicks11
Melvia Hicks11
Della Hicks6
Ethel Reynolds11
Bonnie Reynolds9
Bertha Mullins10
Annie B. Hays8
Teacher: John A. Vincent, Owl, Ind.Ter.
Amount Paid Teacher: $43.33.
Local Trustees: W.E. Jones, John N. Selsor, M.G. Mullens, Owl

Pine Spring Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Aaron Anchubbee14
Sam Anchubbee11
John Cole17
Johnson Folsom14
Henry Kampt11
Willis Kampt18
Lubin Lafatubbee11
John Willis7
Davis Wesley14
Female Choctaw Students
Josephine Hampton7
Hellen Kampt16
Phoebe Kampt14
Hattie Turner12
Francis Wright13
Male White Students
Roy Carrith15
Luther Landis10
Jerree Napier8
Elmer Napier6
Female White Students
Ollie Landis17
Beulah Napier16
Ommie Napier12
Teacher: J.A. Kirksey, Antlers, Ind.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustees: J.H. Hampton, C.N. Napier, Antlers, Ind.T.

Pleasant Cove Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Mike Colbert17
Titus Cole18
Earnest Cole7
Female Choctaw Students
Lousiana Cole13
Amy Cole11
Cillian Frazier17
Sibell Frazier15
Agnes Frazier13
Male White Students
Ethard Cousins12
Hollie Cousins10
Kater Cousins7
Axie Hawk13
Candy Hawk11
Russell Hawk8
George Musgrave14
Harvey Napier15
Willie Napier7
Loney Napier5
Lester Kirksey7
Female White Students
Fannie Coleman12
Ollie Coleman9
Pearl Coleman7
Delia Cousins15
Katie Cousins7
Marid Hawk15
Addie Musgrave16
Myrtle Musgrave7
Hattie Musgrave11
Annie Napier11
Lillie Napier9
Nutia Speaks11

Teacher: Mrs. Jennie Kirksey, Antlers, I.T

Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustees: C.J. Hudson and J.W. Coleman, local trustee for white children, both of Antlers, I.T.

Pleasant Hill #1 Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Eddie Coleman12
Willie Harris12
Johnnie McFarland10
Mark Coleman5
Female Choctaw Students
Myrtie Kirby16
Ramie Coleman15
Nellie Coleman10
Lillie Coleman8
Dixie Coleman6
Maggie Harris13
Mattie May Harris10
Mamie Harris4
Katie Kirby8
Alice Kirby14
Nora McFarland8
Ina McFarland6
Male White Students
Roscoe Hildreth17
William Hildreth12
Edward Coleman8
Charles Coleman10
Female White Students
Cordie Hildreth15
Lillie Coleman10
Stella True14
Odessa Hutchinson4
Teacher: Pearl Maynor, Goodwater, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $35.00
Local Trustee: B.S. Harris, Harris, I.T.

Pleasant Hill #3 Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Arthur Tolbert11
Oscar Folsom10
Jasper Jones9
Impson Jones8
Esau Robinson10
Elias Roberts12
Female Choctaw Students
Sally Robinson11
Fanny Folsom12
Henrietta Bohanan8
June Folsom6
Male White Students
Willis Arrn17
Irving Buckle10
William Edwards6
Warner Potter10
Dayton Potter7
Female White Students
Ada Potter12
Teacher: Charles W. Washburn, Caney, Ind.Ter.
Amount Teacher Paid: $45.00
Local Trustee: Loring T. Robinson, Caney, Ind. Ter.

Pleasant Valley Day School, September 1904

(Compiler’s note: The teacher at this particular school classified her students as white Choctaw and then those that were merely white. It is my opinion that she was expressing that these “white Choctaws” were mixbloods. For this reason I have classified them simply as Choctaw students.)
Male Choctaw Students
Everett Krieger17
Clarence Krieger12
Henry Krieger9
Jessie Krieger7
Female Choctaw Students
Ethel Krieger15
Estel Krieger15
Male White Students
Will Doyle17
Ed Lyons18
Harrison Jones18
Joe Scott16
Seaf Stagles9
Alex Staples11
Ralph Rogers8
Albert Henderson10
Grover Cox10
Jean Cox7
Female White Students
Julia Staples13
Cora Darks14
Mabel Rogers16
Georgie Darks10
Emma Lyons15
Molie Doyle12
Ellie Doyle11
Flora Rogers14
Pearl Henderson6
Maude Thomas7
Ada Hatridge17
Myrtle Cox13
Dora Cox8
Orphy Harp9
Teacher: Alice McRaven, Kiowa, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $35.00
Local Trustee: William Krieger, Kiowa, I.T.

Red Oak Colored Day School, September 1904

Male Colored Choctaw Students
David Smith9
Garfield Gardner12
Clarence Nails16
Claud Nails14
Howard Oscar16
Wadie Butler6
Willie Thomas11
Harrison McCoy6
King McCoy11
Henry Fulsom10
Levi Kemp11
Male Non-Citizen Colored Students
John Powel8
Richard Powel11
Mount Powel6
Mullie Jones8
Laws Banks14
Henry Haword10
Roy Curuthers8
Mosie Curuthers6
Female Choctaw Freedman Students
Ida Brown10
Angie William6
Arrine Nails6
Zena Nails9
Arrilla Nails12
Lula Kemp12
Bessie Butler15
Roggie Butler11
V—ial Butler7
Dinah McCoy8
Disie Fulsom13
Female Non-Citizen Colored Students
Catherine Cobb13
Sinnie Richie6
Lillie Howard6
Maud Howard8
Annabelle Powel15
Gurthie Banks16
Ida Brown10
Angie William6
Arrine Nails6
Lula Kemp12
Bessie Butler15
Roggie Butler11
Vivial Butler7
Dinah McCoy8
Disie Fulsom13
Gurthrie Banks16
(Compiler’s note: This quarterly is quite confusing. In one place the female students are listed one way and at the end, all are listed as non-citizen colored students. I have left it as I found it in the record.)
Teacher: John W. Overall, Wapanucka, I.T.
Amount Teacher Paid: $18.00
Local Trustees: Abe Nails, Samuel Carothers, Wapanucka, I.T.

Reed Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Walter Jackson13
McElroy Jackson8
Female Choctaw Students
Salina Jackson6
Male White Students
Lonnie Branton7
Milton Branton10
Horace Branton13
James Branton10
Clifton Billings8
Tollie Franks8
Albert Harbuck9
Sam Harbuck10
Tom Harbuck11
John Harbuck15
Robert Harbuck17
Clide McClelland11
James McClelland15
Ralph McGinnis10
Rudy McGinnis12
Robert McGinnis14
Claud Phipps12
Tom Phipps11
Jerry Phipps14
Oscar Reed9
Marcus Snow9
Eugene Jamar13
Letcher Tillman8
Hilliard Wright8
Harvey Wright10
Rena Branton12
Bessie Burton6
Mertie Franks6
Katie Jamar10
Lucie Harbuck6
Marie McGinnis8
Gladdys Phipps9
Edna Reed11
Tommie Reed7
May Ryburn9
Inez Spears7
Eula Spears10
Hettie Snow7
Teacher: Ida Walker, Nelson, Ind.Ter.
Amount Teacher Paid: $40.00
Local Trustees: J.M. McGinnis, W.G. Stephens, J.W. parker, Hamden, I.T.

Reynolds Day School, September 1904

Male Choctaw Students
Gibson Isaac16
James Isaac12
Sinclair Reynolds10
Female Choctaw Students
Ellen Isaac10
Lena Trentham7
Male White Students
Oris Reynolds17
Jim Norwoodno age listed
Randolph Norwood ” Harper Medley14
Levi Bollinger9
Philip Bollinger7
Charlie Spurgeon13
Newt Spurgeon15
Mark Athey14
Female White Students
Lottie Spurgeon13
Mettie Medley16
Emma Medley12
Cora Medley10
Mary Norwood15
Neva Norwood8
Ruby Norwood5 1/2
Edith Brockelman5 1/2
Lora Brockelman9
Bessie Ward14
Marie Anderson13
Maggie Bollinger16
Belle Moxley15
Blanche Moxley12
Lena Moxley9
Allie Lewis8
May Lewis6
Teacher: May Hanesworth, Reynolds, Ind. Ter.
Amount Teacher Paid: $45.00
Local Trustees: E.D. Anderson, Charles S. Lewis, Reynolds, I.T.



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