Chickasaw Indian Gentes

According to Morgan (Anc. Society, 163, 1878) the Chickasaw were divided into 12 gentes, arranged in 2 phratries, as follows:

I-Koi, Panther

  1. Koinchnsh, Wild cat
  2. llatakfushi, Bird
  3. Nunni, Fish
  4. Issi, Deer

II. Ishpanee, Spanish:

  1. Shauee, Raccoon
  2. Ishpanee, Spanish
  3. Mingko, Royal
  4. Hushkoni, Skunk
  5. Tunni, Squirrel
  6. Hochouchabba, Alligator
  7. Nashola, Wolf
  8. Chuhhla, Blackbird

The list given by Gibbs (Gatschet, Creek Migr. Leg., I, 96, 1884) follows:

I.-Panther phratry, Koa:

  1. Kointchush, Wild cat
  2. Fushi, Bird
  3. Nanni, Fish
  4. Issi, Deer

II. Spanish phratry, Ishpani

  1. Shawi, Raccoon
  2. Ishpani, Spanish
  3. Mingo, Royal
  4. Huskoni
  5. Tunni, Squirrel
  6. Hotchon tehapa, Alligator
  7. Nashoba, Wolf
  8. Tchu’hla, Blackbird

Mingos or chiefs could be chosen only front the “Spanish” gens, and were hereditary in the female line. The name must formerly have been different or this rule must have been established after the coming of the Spaniards.

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