Bounty Application of Allen Ross

Tah-Le-Quah, Cherokee Nation:

Allen Ross, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, being first duly sworn, deposes as follows:
I enlisted in the Third Regiment Indian Home Guards on the 11th day of July 1862, as a private of Company I, and was discharged in May 1865. In the fall of 1865 one John W. Wright was here as an attorney to collect bounties, and it was understood that he would collect the bounty for 10 per cent of the amount collected. Ten per cent was the highest percent spoken of at any time. It was also understood that if Wright should get all of the claims of the three Indian regiments, that he would only charge 5 per cent, and I am satisfied that he got all of the claims to attend to. When he came out and commenced paying off the bounty, he only paid out $85, and charged 15 per cent, stating that he had been at a great deal of expense in getting the bounty allowed. I received only $85.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 11th day of October 1867.
Clerk of Circuit Court.

42nd Congress. Alleged Frauds Against Certain Indian Soldiers. House of Representatives Report, 2nd Session, No. 96.

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