Biographical Sketch of Mrs. J. B. Moore

(See Grant, Daniel, Adair and Gusoduesga)-Cherokee Cornelia, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Delilah (McNair) Adair, was born at Salina, January 11, 1881. Graduated from the Cherokee Female Seminary.

She married Jan. 10, 1904 James Brutus, son of Alexander Moore, born Nov. 8, 1874.

They are the parents of: William Adair, born Dec. 25, 1904; James, B. born March 15, 1907; Lawrence, born June 9, 1910; Mary Eleanor, born May 1, 1913 and Cherokee Adair Moore, born June 1, 1915.

On account of a love affair, to which his father objected, Joseph the son of William Martin, a wealthy merchant of Bristol, was given a ship, the Brice, during the first quarter of the eighteenth century and sent to Virginia, when shortly after his arrival he married Susannah Childs, a member of a prominent family and established a plantation near Charlotteville. Their son, Joseph was born there in 1740. The blood of the pioneer, Norman Knight, Martine, who was with William the Conqueror at the fateful cattle of Hastings in October 1066, impelled young Joseph to cross the southern Alleghenys where he became a prosperous fur trader and planter. In 1776, one year after the battle of Lexington, John Martin was elected captain of the Transylvania Militia, he almost unknown but indispensable guard of the revolution that enabled the Americans to send Ferguson back and turned the tide against the hitherto successful Britons. Martin had already, on February 17, 1779 been made a Major and five months after he battle of Kings Mountain, he was promoted to a lieutenant colonelcy. He died at Martinsville, Henry County, Virginia on December 18, 1808 where he was buried with military and Masonic honors.

His son John Martin was born October 20, 1781. Was the first Chief Justice and first Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation. He died in 1836 and was buried at Ft. Gibson. He married Nellie McDaniel, and their eldest child Martha, called “Patsy” Martin married George Washington Adair, and they were the parents of Benjamin Franklin Adair, who married Delilah McNair.


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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