Biographical Sketch of George W. Crittenden

Crittenden, George W. (See Sanders and Grant)—George W. Crittenden, born in Going Snake District, March 25, 1875, educated at Male Seminary.

Married February 2, 1896, Jessie Beatrice Lamb nee Martin, born at Greenbrier April 20, 1874, educated at Hogans Institute.

They are the parents of Ross Hillis, born Feb. 22, 1909; Jennie Alice born March 10, 1911 and Ruth Marie, born Jan. 14, 1916. Besides their own children they have reared Barbara and Christiana Bell, the two orphan daughters of Mr. Crittenden’s brother, John H.

George W. Crittenden belongs to the Deer Clan and his Cherokee name is Sequoyah. He is a farmer and a member of the Odd Fellow lodge.

Mrs. Crittenden is the daughter of Joseph Lynch Martin who is known throughout the Cherokee Nation as “Greenbrier Joe” and noted for his shrewd philosophical sayings. Mr. Crittenden is the son of Judge John Ross and Alice (Harlin) Crittenden. His Cherokee name is Tickanooly, meaning bean bread.

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