Atfalati Indians

Atfalati Indians. Meaning unknown. Often shortened to Fallatahs. Sometimes spelled Tuálati, or Tualatin (Berreman, 1937). Also known as:

  • Tualatin, Palmer in Ind. Aff. Rep., p. 260, 1859.
  • Wapato Lake Indians, a common name used by travelers.

Atfalati Connections. The Atfalati belonged to the northern dialectic branch of the Kalapooian linguistic family.

Atfalati Location. On the Atfalati plains, the hills about Forest Grove and the shores and vicinity of Wapato; they are also said to have extended as far as the site of Portland.

Atfalati Villages and Bands

  • Chachambitmanchal, 3½ miles north of Forest Grove.
  • Chachamewa, at Forest Grove, 6 miles from Wapato Lake.
  • Chachanim, on Wapato Lake prairie.
  • Chachif, on Wapato Lake.
  • Chachimahiyuk, between Wapato Lake and Willamette River, Washington County.
  • Chachimewa, on or near Wapato Lake, Yamhill County.
  • Chachokwith, at a place of the same name north of Forest Grove, Washington County.
  • Chagindueftei, between Hillsboro and Sauvies Island, Washington County.
  • Chahelim, in Chehelim Valley, 5 miles south of Wapato Lake, Yamhill County.
  • Chakeipi, about 10 miles west of Oregon City.
  • Chakutpaliu, northeast of Hillsboro, Washington County.
  • Chalal, near the outlet of Wapato Lake.
  • Chalawai, southeast of Wapato Lake.
  • Chamampit, on Wapato Creek at the east end of Wapato Lake.
  • Chapanaghtin, north of Hillsboro, Washington County.
  • Chapokele, 4 miles west of Wapato Lake.
  • Chapungathpi, at Forest Grove, Washington County.
  • Chatagihl, at the upper end of Wapato Lake.
  • Chatagithl, at the upper end of Wapato Lake.
  • Chatagshish, in Washington County.
  • Chatakuin, 7 miles north of Hillsboro, Washington County.
  • Chatamnei, 10 miles north of Wapato Lake, in Washington County.
  • Chatilkuei, 5 miles west of Wapato Lake, in Yamhill County.
  • Chawayed, west of Forest Grove, in Washington County.

Atfalati Population. (See Calapooya Indians) The census of 1910 returned 44 Atfalati.

Connection in which the Atfalati Indians have become noted. The name Atfalati is preserved in the form Tualatin by a town in Washington County.

Swanton, John R. The Indian Tribes of North America. Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 145. Washington DC: US Government Printing Office. 1953.

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