Alphabetical Enumeration of Indian Tribes


  • Hare-Foot, next S. of the Esquimaux, and in perpetual war with them.
  • Hallibees, a tribe of Creeks, destroyed in 1813.
  • Hannakallal, 600 in 1820 on Pacific, S. Columbia, next beyond the Luckkarso.
  • Hassanamesits, a tribe of Nipmuks, embraced Christianity in 1660.
  • Hihighenimmo, 1,300 in 1820, from mouth of Lastaw River, up it to the forks.
  • Hellwits, 100 in. along the Columbia, from the falls upward on the N. side.
  • Herring Pond, a remnant of Wampanoags, in Sandwich, Mass.; about 40.
  • Hietans, (Camanches,) erratic bands; from Trinity to Brazos, and Red River.
  • Hini, (Cadodachem) 200 in 1820, on Angelina r., between Red r. and Rio del Norte.
  • Hitchittees, once on Chattahoochee r.; 600 now in Arkansas; speak Muskogee.
  • Hohilpos, (Tushepahas,) 300 in 1820 above great falls on Clark’s River.
  • Humas, (Oumas,) “Red nation,” in Ixsussees Parish, La., in 1805 below Manchak.
  • Hurons, (Wyandots, Quatoghies,) adjacent, and N. gt. lakes; subd. by Iroq., 1650.


  • Illinois, “the lake of men,” both sides Illinois r.; 12,000 in 1670; 60 towns in 1706.
  • Ives, or Tachies, (Texas ?) branch Sabine ; 80 men in 1806; speak Caddo.
  • Ioways, On Ioway River before Black Hawk’s war; 1,100 beyond the Mississippi.
  • Iroquois, 1606, on St. Lawrence, below Quebec; 1687, both sides Ohio, to Miss.
  • Isatis, sometimes a name of the Sioux before 1755.
  • Ithkyemamits, 600 in 1820, on N. side Columbia, near the Cathlaskos.


  • Jelan, one of the three tribes of Camanches, on sources Brazos, Del Norte, &e.


  • Kadapaus, a tribe in N. Carolina in 1707.
  • Kahunkles, 400 in 1820, W. Rocky Mountains; abode unknown.
  • Kaloosas, a tribe found early in Florida long since extinct.
  • Kanenavish on the Padoucas’ fork of the 1 latte; 400 in 1805.
  • Kanhawas, Ganawese or Canhaways; on the River Kanhawa, formerly.
  • Kansas, on the Arkansas River; about 1,000 in 1836; in 1820, 1,850.
  • Kaskaskias (Illin.) on a river of same name flowing into the Mississ. 250 in 1797.
  • Kaskayas, between sources of the Platte and Rocky Mountains; 3,000 in 1836.
  • Katteka, (Padoucas) not located by travellers. See Padoucas.
  • Keekatsa (Crows) both sides Yellowstone, above mouth Big Horn r. 3,500 in 1805.
  • Kayche, E. branch Trinity River in 1806; once on the Sabine; 260 in 1820.
  • Kiawas, on Padouca River, beyond the Kites; 1,000 in 1806.
  • Kigene, on the shore of Pacific Ocean in 1821, under the chief Skittegates.
  • Kikapoo, formerly in Illinois; now about 300, chiefly beyond the Mississippi.
  • Killamuk, a branch of the Clatsops, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean; about 1,000.
  • Killawat, in a large town on the coast of the Pacific, E. of the Luktons.
  • Killaxthocles, 100 in 1820 at the mouth of Columbia River, on N. side.
  • Kimoenims, a band of the Chopunnish on Lewis’s Ricer; 800 in 1820, in 33 clans.
  • Kinai, about Cook’s Inlet, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Kites, (Staetans,) between sources Platte and Rocky Mountains; about 500 in 1820.
  • Kiskakons, inhabited Michilimakinak in 1680; a Huron tribe.
  • Knistenaux, on Assinnaboin River; 5,000 in 1812;  numerous; women comely.
  • Konagens, Esquimaux, inhabiting Kadjak Island, lat. 53°, lon. 152° W.
  • Kook-koo-oose, on the coast of the Pacific, S. of the Killawats; 1 500 in 1835.
  • Kuskarawaoks, one of six tribes on E. shore of Chesapeak in 1607; (Tuscaroras?).


  • Lahanna, 2,000 in 1820, both sides Columbia, above the mouth of Clark’s River.
  • Lapanne, See Apache.
  • Lartielo, 600 in 1820 at the falls of Lastaw River, below Wayton Lake.
  • Leaf, (Sioux,) 600 in 1820, on the Missouri, above Prairie du Chien.
  • Leech River, about 350 in 1820 near Sandy Lake, lat. 46° 9′ N.
  • Lenna Lenape, once from Hudson to Delaware River; now scattered in the West.
  • Lipan, 800 in 1816, from Rio Grande to the interior of Texas; light hair.
  • Loucheux, next N. of the Esquimaux, or S. of lat. 67° 15′ N.
  • Lukawis, 800 in 1820 W. of the Rocky Mountains; abode unknown.
  • Lukkarso, 1,200 in 1820, coast of Pacific, S. of Columbia r., beyond the Shallalah.
  • Luktons, 20 in 1820, W. of the Rocky Mountains; abode unknown.

Drake, Samuel Gardner. The aboriginal races of North America; comprising biographical sketches of eminent individuals, and an historical account of the different tribes, from the first discovery of the continent to the present period, and a copious analytical index. Philadelphia, C. Desilver. 1860.

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