1911 Carlisle School Census: Males W-Z Surnames

In 1911 Carlisle was directed by the Department of the Interior to prepare a census of the Indians under their charge.

In all cases where the Indians are living on separate reservations under your jurisdiction you should submit a separate census roll of the Indians of each reservation.  The names should be arranged in alphabetical order.

– Letter Department of the Interior, 1911

This page includes all male students enumerated within the Carlisle School in 1911 alphabetically from Antonio Wacondo to William Zahn. To see other names of students enrolled in Carlisle School during 1911, visit: 1911 Carlisle School Census

Name Age Tribe Sex
Wacondo, Antonio 20 Pueblo Male
Wakeman, Jesse 24 Sioux Male
Walker, Arthur 19 Winnebago Male
Walker, Charles Amos 17 Omaha Male
Walker, Fred 16 Omaha Male
Walker, James 22 Chippewa Male
Walker, Stanley 17 Winnebago Male
Wallette, John 21 Chippewa Male
Warbonnet, Charles 20 Sioux Male
Warren, James 15 Chippewa Male
Waupoose, William 21 Menominee Male
Weaselbear, Hugh 22 Cheyenne Male
Wesaelbear, John 21 Cheyenne Male
Weatherstone, Robert 22 Sioux Male
Webb, David 16 Cherokee Male
Webster, Lewis 21 Omaha Male
Welch, Gus 21 Chippewa Male
Welch, James 17 Chippewa Male
Welch, James B. 20 Cherokee Male
Welch, John 18 Cherokee Male
Welch, William 22 Cherokee Male
West, Arthur 23 Winnebago Male
West, Harry 21 Washoe Male
West, James 19 Cherokee Male
Wheeler, DeWitt 19 Assiniboine Male
Wheeler, Harry 29 Nez Perce Male
Wheelock, Hugh 22 Oneida Male
Wheelock, Joel 23 Oneida Male
White, Benjamin 20 Cheyenne Male
White, David 22 Mohawk Male
White, George 20 Crow Male
White, Francis 18 Omaha Male
White, Hugh 22 Digger Male
White, John 24 Mohawk Male
White, Lawrence 18 Mohawk Male
White, Louis G. 21 Mohawk Male
White, Mitchell 22 Mohawk Male
White, Peter 17 Mohawk Male
Whirlwind, Daniel 26 Sioux Male
Wickersham , Arthur 19 Omaha Male
Wickersham, Jesse 16 Omaha Male
Wieks, Charles 23 Klamath Male
Williams, Charles 20 Caddo Male
Williams, Edgar 18 Onondaga Male
Williams, Elijah 15 Onondaga Male
Williams, Joseph 24 Nez Perce Male
Williams, Levi 24 Seneca Male
Williams, Richard 17 Seneca Male
Wilson, Samuel 27 Caddo Male
Winneshiek, William 17 Winnebago Male
Winnie, William 26 Seneca Male
Wolf, Taquette 23 Cherokee Male
Wolf Chum, Paul 19 Cheyenne Male
Woodbury, Harry 18 Chippewa Male
Wounded Eye, Davis 23 Cheyenne Male
Wynaco, George 18 Yakima Male
Welmas, Philip 21 Mission Male
Yamtewa, Tala 26 Hopi Male
Yellow Robe, Charles 18 Cheyenne Male
Young, Christopher 20 Klamath Male
Young, George 22 Klamath Male
Youngbird, Rufus 24 Cherokee Male
Youngbird, Wesley 16 Cherokee Male
Youngdeer, Stephen 20 Cherokee Male
Yuda, Montreville 25 Oneida Male
Yupe, Pierce 20 Shoshone Male
Zahn, William 25 Sioux Male


1911 Carlisle School Census. Published by Department of the Interior, June 28, 1911.

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