1911 Carlisle School Census: Males R-S Surnames

In 1911 Carlisle was directed by the Department of the Interior to prepare a census of the Indians under their charge.

In all cases where the Indians are living on separate reservations under your jurisdiction you should submit a separate census roll of the Indians of each reservation.  The names should be arranged in alphabetical order.

– Letter Department of the Interior, 1911

This page includes all male students enumerated within the Carlisle School in 1911 alphabetically from John Ramsey to Thomas Swimmer. To see other names of students enrolled in Carlisle School during 1911, visit: 1911 Carlisle School Census

Ramsey, John22Nez PerceMale
Ransom, Philip21MohawkMale
Ray, Jose21PuebloMale
Reboin, Allen16Nez PerceMale
Redeagle, Clyde25SiouxMale
Redeagle, Leroy19QuapawMale
Redeye, Warren20SenecaMale
Redfeather, John19SiouxMale
Redneck, Curtis22CheyenneMale
Redneck, David21CheyenneMale
Redowl, Henry22SiouxMale
Redthunder, David30SiouxMale
Redwing, George23SiouxMale
Reed, Lloyd23CherokeeMale
Regis, Peter19MohawkMale
Revels, Willard19CherokeeMale
Rice, Joseph22WinnebagoMale
Richards, Charles24PawneeMale
Richmond, Henry19MenomineeMale
Robertson, Walter18SiouxMale
Robinson, William23ChippewaMale
Roeder, Frank17FlatheadMale
Rogers, Gilbert16SiouxMale
Rogers, John20ChippewaMale
Rollingbull, Rufus20CheyenneMale
Ross, Charles Moore22WichitaMale
Ross, Clarence21WichitaMale
Ross, Joseph26PuebloMale
Rouillier, John17FlatheadMale
Roussian, John21ChippewaMale
Rowland, Benton13CheyenneMale
Rowland, Reno19CheyenneMale
Rowland, Thomas20CheyenneMale
Roy, Joe20ChippewaMale
Runnels, Lewis25San PoilMale
Runsclose, John28SiouxMale
Russell, John20CheyenneMale
Ryan, Charles21PokonoketMale
Salmon, James18OttawaMale
Sampson, James22PaiuteMale
Sanders, John19ChittimacheMale
Santineau, Clifford15ChippewaMale
Saracino, Josiah22PuebloMale
Saracino, Walter21PuebloMale
Saunocke, Stilwell20CherokeeMale
Sawatis, John15MohawkMale
Sawmick, David16ChippewaMale
Schenandore, Fred20OnondagaMale
Schenandore, Whitney19OneidaMale
Schuyler, Cleveland18OneidaMale
Schweigman, Louis21SiouxMale
Scott, Samuel22Nez PerceMale
Seneca, Hulsie19SenecaMale
Shakonaby, Francis22OttawaMale
Shashawabach, Barney18ChippewaMale
Shashawabach, Eli16ChippewaMale
Shebear, David25CheyenneMale
Shelafoe, William20ChippewaMale
Sheldon, Thomas18Nez PerceMale
Shelley, Kee22NavajoMale
Shemamy, James19CaddoMale
Shepperd, George16HoopaMale
Shongo, Mitchell16SenecaMale
Shooter, Joseph15ChippewaMale
Sickels, Fred22OneidaMale
Silas, Wilson17OneidaMale
Simons, Nelson21MashpeeMale
Simons, Zepheniah22PokonoketMale
Skenandore, Darius18OneidaMale
Skenandore, Fred18OneidaMale
Skye, Victor17SenecaMale
Smith, Alfred Clement21SiouxMale
Smith, Arthur23TuscaroraMale
Smith, Clarence A.23ArapahoeMale
Smith, Claude18SiouxMale
Smith, Daniel27TuscaroraMale
Smith, Frank18OnondagaMale
Smith, Frank16ChippewaMale
Smith, Hardin15SiouxMale
Smith, Harrison20OneidaMale
Smith, Henry20CheyenneMale
Smith, Jefferson23Gros VentreMale
Smith, Jonas15OneidaMale
Solomon, David20MohawkMale
Sousa, Eloy22MissionMale
Scusea, Ahskie19NavajoMale
Spier, William25NavajoMale
Splicer, Angus21MohawkMale
Spotted Eagle, Gallus17SiouxMale
Spring, Ira20SenecaMale
Squirrel, John19ChippewaMale
Stabler, Simeon28OmahaMale
Standing Elk, Henry20CheyenneMale
Standing Elk, Walter18CheyenneMale
Stephens, Oscar16WichitaMale
Stevenson, Ned17WichitaMale
Stevenson, Nuss24WichitaMale
St. Germaine, Thomas28ChippewaMale
Stouff, Octave15ChittimacheMale
Strangehorse, Moses22SiouxMale
Strikeaxe, James17OsageMale
Summers, Jacob18OneidaMale
Sundown, Failey16SenecaMale
Sutton, Ernest23SenecaMale
Sutton, Henry17SenecaMale
Sutton, John20ChippewaMale
Swallow, Antoine23SiouxMale
Swallow, Benjamin17SiouxMale
Swamp, Peter15MohawkMale
Sweetcorn, Asa26SiouxMale
Sweetmedicine, Henry21CheyenneMale
Swimmer, Thomas22SiouxMale


1911 Carlisle School Census. Published by Department of the Interior, June 28, 1911.

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