1911 Carlisle School Census: Males M-N Surnames

In 1911 Carlisle was directed by the Department of the Interior to prepare a census of the Indians under their charge.

In all cases where the Indians are living on separate reservations under your jurisdiction you should submit a separate census roll of the Indians of each reservation.  The names should be arranged in alphabetical order.

– Letter Department of the Interior, 1911

This page includes all male students enumerated within the Carlisle School in 1911 alphabetically from Hezekiah Madisoh to Davis Nori. To see other names of students enrolled in Carlisle School during 1911, visit: 1911 Carlisle School Census

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Name Age Tribe Sex
Madisoh, Hezekiah 22 Pokonoket Male
Madison, Lyman 25 Mashpee Male
Madison, Nehemiah 25 Pokonoket Male
Mallory, Thomas 20 Winnebago Male
Manawa, George 20 Creek Male
Manning, Ellsworht 20 Pokonoket Male
Marcot, O’Neal 12 Chittimache Male
Marques, Frank 23 Pueblo Male
Marshall, Clinton 24 Chippewa Male
Marshall, Frank 18 Chippewa Male
Martell, William J. 22 Chippewa Male
Martin, James 21 Chippewa Male
Martin, Michael 18 Caddo Male
Martin, Richmond 20 Seneca Male
Martinez, John 19 Pueblo Male
McAdams, Lonnie 12 Shoshone Male
McCann, Frank 22 Chippewa Male
McCann, Michael 19 Chippewa Male
McCauley, Eugene 16 Chippewa Male
McCowey, Isaac 21 Klamath Male
McDonald, Charles 19 Chippewa Male
McInnes, John 22 Washoe Male
McIntosh, John Robert 17 Chippewa Male
McKeig, Frank 22 Chippewa Male
Mead, John 18 Sioux Male
Mayo, Thomas 20 Paiute Male
Medicinebull, Willis 24 Cheyenne Male
Melotte, Gabriel 22 Menominee Male
Merrick, Alfred 20 Chippewa Male
Merrill, George 19 Chippewa Male
Miguel, Lorenzo 25 Pueblo Male
Mileham, Harry 21 Pottawatomie Male
Mlles, John 22 Osage Male
Miller, Abram 26 Stockbridge Male
Miller, Bert 23 Stockbridge Male
Miller, Gorge 19 Wichita Male
Miller, Houston 19 Wichita Male
Miller, Leon 16 Cherokee Male
Miller, Patrick 22 Caddo Male
Minthorne, Aaron 19 Cayuse Male
Minthorne, Wilford 20 Cayuse Male
Mishler, Arthur 17 Chippewa Male
Mishler, Peter William 27 Chippewa Male
Mitchell, Frank 17 Penobscot Male
Mitchell, Thomas 20 Navajo Male
Mixsooke, Max 16 Alaskan Male
Monhart, John 26 Klamath Male
Montoya, Jose 22 Pueblo Male
Moore, Harvey 20 Delaware Male
Mora, Francis 17 Chittimache Male
Mora, Joseph 20 Chittimache Male
Mora, Peter 15 Chittimache Male
Morin, Solomon 22 Chippewa Male
Moses, Alpha 22 Seneca Male
Moses, Ira 16 Seneca Male
Moses, Leroy 19 Seneca Male
Moscoe, John 24 Chippewa Male
Mouchamp, Charles 21 Chippewa Male
Mt. Pleasant, Edison 20 Tuscarora Male
Mudgett, Henry 20 Chippewa Male
Mumblehead, James 28 Cherokee Male
Mumblehead, J. Bradley 22 Cherokee Male
Mumblehead, Roger 16 Cherokee Male
Muscoe, Mitchell 18 Chippewa Male
Myiow, Thomas 17 Mohawk Male
Nahongava, William 43 Hopi Male
Needham, Simon 20 Chippewa Male
Nevitt, Leo 24 Delaware Male
Newashe, William 21 Sac & Fox Male
Newcome, Robert 13 Cherokee Male
Nez, Ez. 21 Navajo Male
Nori, Davis 17 Pueblo Male


1911 Carlisle School Census. Published by Department of the Interior, June 28, 1911.

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