1911 Carlisle School Census: Females A-B Surnames

In 1911 Carlisle was directed by the Department of the Interior to prepare a census of the Indians under their charge.

In all cases where the Indians are living on separate reservations under your jurisdiction you should submit a separate census roll of the Indians of each reservation.  The names should be arranged in alphabetical order.

– Letter Department of the Interior, 1911

This page includes all female students enumerated within the Carlisle School in 1911 alphabetically from Phenla Anderson to Bessie Button. To see other names of students enrolled in Carlisle School during 1911, visit: 1911 Carlisle School Census

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Name Age Tribe Sex
Anderson, Phenla 17 Concow Female
Antone, Gertrude 15 Oneida Female
Aragon, Rose 17 Shoshone Female
Arquette, Theresa 14 Mohawk Female
Axtell, Ida 20 Nez Perce Female
Baird, Elizabeth 27 Oneida Female
Baldeagle, Rose 25 Sioux Female
Ballenger, Alice 18 Chippewa Female
Ballenger, Lizzie 16 Chippewa Female
Ballenger, Margaret 14 Chippewa Female
Bartholomean, Alberta 21 Sioux Female
Bartlett, Eunice 15 Bannock Female
Bartlett, Georglana 17 Bannock Female
Bartlett, Ida Estelle 19 Bannock Female
Battice, Cora 19 Sac & Fox Female
Bear, Stella 27 Arickaree Female
Beaulieu, Delphine 18 Chippewa Female
Beauvais, Marie 21 Sioux Female
Bebeau, Anna 17 Chippewa Female
Bebeau, Genevieve 19 Chippewa Female
Beck, Rose 20 Cherokee Female
Beck, Savannah 27 Cherokee Female
Belcourt, Esther 19 Chippewa Female
Belgarde, Mary 18 Chippewa Female
Bennett, Lena 16 Seneca Female
Bernell, Thirza 20 Comanche Female
Beuchler, Sarah 22 Paiute Female
Billings, Minnie 18 Mohawk Female
Bisonette, Edna 12 Sioux Female
Blackbird, Evelyn 17 Chippewa Female
Blackchief, Lena 17 Seneca Female
Blackhawk, Minnie 21 Gros Vemtre Female
Blackwood, Margaret 20 Chippewa Female
Bluesky, Louise 18 Chippewa Female
Bonser, Clara 23 Sioux Female
Bonser, Pearl 23 Sioux Female
Bourassa, Aldia 14 Chippewa Female
Boone, Virginia 17 Nookaack Female
Bourbonnais, Ollie 19 Pottawatomie Female
Boutang, Adeline 19 Chippewa Female
Boutang, Nellie 17 Chippewa Female
Bouyer, Maggie 19 Sioux Female
Bradley, Stella 23 Chippewa Female
Bresette, Cora 18 Chippewa Female
Brokey, Anna 17 Osage Female
Brown, Inez 21 Sioux Female
Brown, Maggie 15 Alaskan Female
Browning, Esther 20 Shawnee Female
Brunette, Mabel 19 Chippewa Female
Bryden, Agnes 17 Wichita Female
Burd, Phoebe 23 Piegen Female
Burgess, Margaret 22 Alaskan Female
Burnette, Grace 21 Sioux Female
Butler, Jane 22 Sac & Fox Female
Button, Bessie 17 Seneca Female


1911 Carlisle School Census. Published by Department of the Interior, June 28, 1911.

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