1828 Abstracts of the Cherokee Phoenix

Abstract information that pertained to the Nation or surrounding environs TN, AL, GA, NC, and SC.

Page 3 – 28 February 1828
DIED – At Tellico, Ten. on the first inst. of consumption, the Rev. RICHARD NEALY, age d 26 years, formerly a missionary of the Methodist Episcopal church, and late a citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

At Coosewatee, KEELECHULE an aged member of the National Council.

At Willstown, on the 18th inst. very suddenly, Rev. ARD HOYT, Missionary of the American Board of Foreign Missions.

Page 3 – 6 March 1828
MURDER – We are informed of a murder being committed in the neighborhood of Sumach.  The name of the person killed is WILLIAM FALLEN, and of the murderer BEARS PAW.  We have not heard of the circumstances.

page 3 – 13 March 1828
DIED – In this neighborhood, an 8th instant Mr. EDMUND CRUFFIELD.  We are told that the deceased went to bed apparently well, and found a corpse the next morning.

At Albany, on the 11th ultimo, very suddenly, His Excellency DEWITT C__TON, Governor of the State of New York.

page 3 – 24 April 1828
OBITUARY – We were in hopes of obtaining, for the columns of our paper, a biographical notice of the late Rev. JOHN GAMBOLD, on of the first Missionaries to this Nation.  At present, were merely give a Notice of his death, sent to us by a bereaved fellow labourer. — We take pleasure in inserting it, though at this late hour.

Departed from this life, November 7th 1827, at the Moravian Missionary station at Ochgelogy among the Cherokees, the Rev. JOHN GAMBOLD, aged 67 years, 4 months and 21 days, of a pectoral dropsy.

page 3 – 21 May 1828
NOTICE – I hereby forewarn all persons against crediting my wife, DELILAH MCCONNELL, on my account, as she has absconded without my consent.  I am therefore determined to pay none of her contracts.  WILLIAM MCCONNELL, May 15, 1828.

page 3 – 4 June 1828
DIED – On the 27th inst. about 1 o’clock A.M., Captain JOHN SPEER, in the 48th year of his age.  He was a kind Husband, an affectionate Father, a faithful Friend and a good neighbour.  He has left a very affectionate wife and several children to lament their irreparable loss.

page 3 – 2 July 1828

Died at my house in Wills-valley, KA-NA-SE-TA.  He was a good man, a professor of religion, and an exhorter.  His disorder was consumption, of a year’s continuance.  He was a member of the Methodist Society.  His good works were many; for he exhorted his friends, Remember the commandments of our Saviour, for we know not the time of our Death;…

Page 3 – 20 August 1828

MARRIED – On Sunday 17th inst. by the Rev. John MITCHELL, Mr. JOHN BREWER to Miss ELIZABETH, daughter of RICHARD TAYLOR of Chickamauga District.

About the middle of July last was stolen out of my Pocket at my house, a large Washed Leather Pocket-Book,… GEORGE HARLAN, Coosewaytee, Cherokee Nation.

Page 1 – 24 Sept 1828

Notice – Personally appeared before me, John BARCLAY, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, JAMES CAREY, Interpreter to the Cherokee Nation of Indians…
Sworn 16 February 1792

Notice – Personally appeared before me, John BARCLAY, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, GEORGE MILLER or SAWEGEY, one of the Cherokee Indians…
Sworn 16 February 1792

Notice – I, LEONARD SHAW, do solemnly swear…that I will well and truly serve the United States in the office of Deputy Agent to the Cherokee Indians…
Sworn 16 February 1792

Page 2 – 24 Sept 1828

AQUOHEE DISTRICT, Sept. 11, 1828
to William HICKS, Esq.
Principal Chief, Sir:
We, the citizens of the above named District,… Signed on behalf of the whole,
XX – name written cherokee language
XX – name written cherokee language
XX – name written cherokee language
XX – name written cherokee language
XX – name written cherokee language
XX – name written cherokee language
XX – name written cherokee language
in the presence of,

Page 3 – 24 September 1828

YELLOW FEVER – The Yellow Fever has made its appearance in Charleston, S.C. It is there called the Strangers Fever.

Page 2 – 1 October 1828

The subjoined article is an extract of a letter, recently received at this Office from Mr. JEWELL, a Missionary stationed at Emmaus in the Choctaw Nation…

Page 3 – 15 October 1828

MARRIED – On Thursday last, by the Rev. Mr. BYBAN, Mr. DAVID VANN, Esq., of Hight Tower District, to Miss MARTHA, youngest daughter of Capt. DAVID M’NAIR of Amohee District.
[Note: Issues were published on Wednesday; marriage date 9 October 1828]

Page 3 – 29 October 1828

MARRIED – On Thursday 23rd inst. by the Rev. Mr. Samuel A. WORCESTER, Mr. GEORGE W. GUNTER of Creek Path, to Miss ELIZA NAVE, daughter of Mr. HENRY NAVE of Rossville, Chickamauga District.

In February 1827, a man by the name of WILLIAM STONE, sold me a horse,… WILLIAM LESLEY, Chattooga District, C. Nation, Oct. 29, 1828

Page 3 – 12 November 1828

J.S.W. WHITE, from the city of New York, respectfully informs the citizens of the Cherokee Nation,…

STRAYED OR STOLEN out of a … in this town, a small light brown mare,… CRYING SNAKE

I do hereby forwarn all persons from trading for two notes of hand, both payable to JOSHUA HOLDEN, signed by myself,… JOHNATHAN BLYTHE

Page 2 – 19 November 1828

Mr. William HORN, formerly of Virginia, has been employed by a number of citizens to open a School…

Page 3 – 19 November 1828

I hereby forewarn all persons from trading for a note of hand, payable in good property to R.C. BEASLEY, of the state of Georgia, and signed by me.  TEGENEE MURPHEY

Page 3 – 10 December 1828

The Charleston Mercury of the 3d inst. announces the death of revolutionary patriot, Gen. Thos. PINCKNEY, in the 79th year of his age.

Publication New Echota, GA
Publisher Isaac H. Harris
Started Vol. 1, no. 1 (Feb. 21, 1828)
Ceased with Vol. 1, no. 47 (Feb. 4, 1829)
Frequency Weekly; Suspended July 16, 1828.
Continued by Cherokee Phoenix, and Indians’ Advocate
Printer John F. Wheeler, Jan. 14 – Feb 4, 1829
Editor Elias Boudinott, Feb. 21, 1828 – Feb. 4, 1829
Language In English and Cherokee

Please thank Michelle Tucker Chubenko for transcribing this information!!


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