Free Online Montana High School Yearbooks

The following Montana High School Yearbooks have been digitized and placed online by a variety of institutions. All of these yearbooks have been made freely available for you to peruse and/or download.

Augusta High School

Billings High School

Hellgate High School – Missoula

Bitter Root

MCPS “Bitter Root” Yearbooks were printed from 1906-1965, with some years missing due to war. In 1966, Sentinel High School was built in Missoula and their yearbook was dubbed The Konah. Hellgate High School’s yearbooks changed names from The Bitterroot to The Halberd. In 2012, it was changed to The Hellgate Canyon, then back to the Halberd in 2017.


The Troubadour, an anthology of poetry, artwork and fiction from students at Hellgate High School, was created first in 1965 and was published sporadically through 2019.

Valler High School



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