Map of the Blackfoot Reservation

Blackfeet Indian Reservation

“The present reservations of the Bloods (Kainau), and North Blackfeet, in the Province of Alberta, Canada, are along the same rivers, where their ancestors camped. The Piegans became subdivided into North and South Piegans, the former in Alberta, and the latter in North-western Montana.” 1

The Blackfeet Reservation was established when the treaty of 17 Oct. 1855 was entered into on the shores of Judith River, in what was in 1855, the Territory of Nebraska. 2 However, the actual boundaries for this reservation was established in the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1851. And is described as such in that document:

The territory of the Blackfeet Nation, commencing at the mouth of Muscle-shell River; thence up the Missouri River to its source; thence along the main range of the Rocky Mountains, in a southerly direction, to the head-waters of the northern source of the Yellowstone River; thence down the Yellowstone River to the mouth of Twenty-five Yard Creek; thence across to the head-waters of the Muscle-shell River, and thence down the Muscle-shell River to the place of beginning. 3

In the 1855 treaty, the Blackfoot nation (comprising of the Piegans) “consent and agree” to set apart a common hunting ground for several nations and tribes who signed onto the treaty. This hunting ground could not be settled upon by the Blackfoot, nor could they settle within 10 miles of its northern boundaries. 4 Setting this portion of the tribal lands apart from their exclusive usage, was intended to diffuse the claims made by other tribes that the Blackfoot had no exclusive right to the common hunting grounds, and to establish peace between the Blackfoot and the tribes which also used those hunting grounds.

Like the treaties of many Nations, the original allotted lands were quickly diminished through newer treaties and Acts of Congress, until the present day when the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana consists of about 1.4 million acres. I won’t go into detail here about each and every treaty, but if you’d like to further research this topic then you should search the following treaties and acts, and their implication on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Heart Butte District Survey – 1912 Blackfeet Allotment of Lands

NamePage of ReportAllotment NumberCensus 1920 Number
After Buffalo210815
BigBeaver, Aaron73202163
Big LodgePole, Peter82106178
BigWolf Medicine, GoodVictory61178198
Bito, Tom51391252
Bullshoe, Joe54414408
Butterfly, Elmer81217450
Calfbossribs, Barney71324470
Calfrobe, Albert14184476
Calftail, John40269491
Cayton, Joe74961998
Cayton, Mrs. Joe22971999
Chiefallover, George76149517
Choate, Frank11389534
Choate, Mrs. Frank7990535
Choate, George7886538
Choate, Sam8095532
Crawford, George1854615
Crawford, James2053614
Crawford, Joe1952613
Crawford, Mrs. Minnie1750612
Davis, Frank (white)97
Dayrider, George70387679
Dayrider, Joseph101382677
Dayrider, Peter88380672
Dayrider, Peter Jr.89384674
Drage Behind1071297777
Eagle, Pete86111809
Eagleribs (He mult.), John106011236
Evans, James508865
EveryBodyTalksAbout, George91229873
Flint, (Smoker), Pete2157930
Grant (Blackface), Peter100841047
Green, Nick83178154
Hall, Dave27151136
Headcarrier, John342441200
Heavygun, Henry433341209
Horn, Harry582511512
Horn, John G.652461294
Horn, George No. 2642431302
Horn, Tom592411298
Ironbreast, Charles1212611355
Ironpipe, Joe6713311365
Ironpipe, John10913321363
Iron Necklace111341360
Jackson, Mrs. Medicine Beaver57444748
Jackson, Louie36445749
Kennedy, John10620491413
Longtimesleeping, Calling Back11812411582
Longtimesleeping, John11712441580
Lavarro (Koasuth), Louie103391517
Madplume, Elmer532741638
Madplume, Albert482791634
Madplume, George522761625
Madplume, Mike492771623
Marceau, Alex1101331689
Marceau, Louie301401702
Marceau, Pete841421695
Mittens, James112231787
Manyguns, Sam9612771669
Mountain Chief412131878
Mountain Chief, Walter692151885
Newbreast, Sam686091915
Newrobe, Joe9012681918
No Coat8713511949
NoRunner, Tim9412831916
OldManChief (Littleblaze) Rose10813661521
Oldrock, Pete105691991
Redfox, GoodVictory11512502160
Redfox, John6312512164
Redfox, Jim11612522161
Rose, Charles453152210
Rose, William463182214
Runningcrane, Edward623012221
Russell, Joe564042256
Rutherford, Dewey11812273
Sanderville, Richard851562284
Sanderville, Oliver281592293
Sanderville, Tom Kiyo261622297
Sanderville, John291612295
Sanrogret, Louie (not allotted)25
Spearwoman (Rattler)11412482432
Spotted Bear, Peter10412702440
SpottedEagle, Jim323492464
SpottedEagle, John662372457
SpottedEagle, Tom722322448
SpottedWolf (Two Guns) John474412594
St. Goddard, Osa (white)92
St. Goddard, Archie931233633
Stabs By Mistake422092468
Stabs By Mistake, Peter442112470
Surchief, Philip352282516
Tatsey, John31272558
Vielle, Frank241152647
Walter, Arthur238242673
Whiteman, John5513532794
Whiteman, Pete994842796
YoungManChief, Mrs.412362911


Blackfeet, Land,

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