Biographical Sketch of Dr. R. H. Robertson

R. H. Robertson was born in Augusta county, Virginia, September 15, 1819. His parents were also natives of Virginia. He was educated at the University of Virginia, located in Albemarle county, and received his medical education at the Richmond Medical College, of Richmond, Virginia, under Professors John Cullin, R. E. Bohannon, and Dr. Chamberlain. He began the practice of his profession in his native county in 1842, and removed to this county in 1857, began practice, and has continued ever since. In 1861 he went to Texas, returning in 1869.

Dr. Robertson was married, August 22, 1839, to Miss Elizabeth A. Miller, who was born January 11, 1821. The fruits of this union were nine children, seven of whom are living; namely, George A., born June 5, 1840; James S., born March 19, 1842; Henry G., born July 2, 1844; John M., born March 11, 1848; DeWitt C., born October 16, 1853; Virginia, born July 6, 1858; and Laura, born July 1, 1861. Dr. Robertson was elected justice of the peace at the April election of 1881.



The History of Daviess County, Missouri. Daviess County, Missouri: Birdsall & Dean. 1882.

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