The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry

Honors And Awards – Officers

Companion of the Bath
Colonel F.L. Morrison

Companion of Saint Michael and Saint George
Lieut.Col. J.B. Neilson

The Distinguished Service Order
Colonel F.L. Morrison.
Major D.E. Brand.
Lieut.Col. J.B. Neilson.
Major J.A. Findlay.

The Military Cross
Captain J.D. Black.
Captain L. Maclellan.
Captain N.R. Campbell.
Captain R.H. Morrison.
Captain T.A. Fyfe.
Captain J.T. Tulloch.
Captain E.M. Leith.
Captain L.H. Watson.
Captain A.R. Macewan.
Lieut. I. Carmichael.
Lieut, R.L. Sweet.

Bar To the Military Cross
Morrison, R.H. Captain

Order of the British Empire
Stewart, V.B. Captain

Croix de Guerre
Pitchford, D.M. Lieut.

Italian Silver Medal
Beckett, W. Captain

Chevalier of the Order of Avis
Leith, E.M. Captain

Chevalier of the Crown of Roumania
Leith, E.M. Captain

Honors And Awards – Other Ranks

The Victoria Cross
Hunter, D.F. Sgt. 43247

The Distinguished Conduct Medal
Mathieson, J. R.S.M. 1854
Devany, C. Pte. 201725
Mackean, M. R.S.M. 200244
Fleming, J. Pte. 40666
Coubrough, J. C.S.M.200010
Gray, W. Pte. 41617
Milne, T.G. C.S.M. 200239
Jones, W. Pte. 55770
Twentyman, J.J. C.S.M. 200238
Bryden, J. Sgt. 203295
Campbell, J. Sgt. 24344
acGroarty, W. M Sgt.200375
Meiklejohn, G. Sgt. 200474
Melrose, J. Sgt. 1567
Sykes, W. Sgt. 200027
MacEwan, J. Pte. 200825
MacFarlane, D. Pte. 203406
Phillips, J. Pte. 200062
Urquhart, L. Pte. 201303
Webster, W. Pte. 203296
Wotherspoon, A. Pte. 200192

The Military Medal
Alford. J. Pte. 5015
Auld, N. Pte. 55802
Black, J. Sgt. 201733
Booth, E. Pte. 55853
Clark, G. Pte. 200307
Creek, J. Sgt. 200846
Davidson, J. Cpl. 200877
Drummond, J. Pte. 200844
Earl, W. Pte. 200351
Field, J.W. Cpl. 200158
Gavin, R. Pte. 27648
Glover,J. Sgt. 200160
Lamb, J. Pte. 201093
Logan, J. Sgt. 200377
Lyon,R. Sgt. 200015
MacLean, C.C. Sgt. 200811
MacNaught, J. Sgt. 200992
Malley, J, Sgt. 201215
Masterton, H. Cpl. 200869
Mitchell, D. Pte. 40490
Pirie, D. Pte. 200270
Robertson, A. Pte. 201534
Ross, A.G. L/C. 200553
Ross, I. L/C 201014
Ross, S. L/C. 200066
Smith, D. Sgt. 200266
Stevenson, M. Cpl. 202105
Stroyan, T. Pte. 202105

The Meritorious Service Medal
Cameron, F.C. Sgt. 200201
Jennison, G. R.Q.M.S. 200463
Martin, T. Sgt. 200777
Paterson, A. Sgt. 200683

Croix de Guerre
Melrose, J. Sgt. 1567

Medaille Militaire
Downie, G. Sgt. 200094

Medaille d’Honneur
Kinniburgh, J. Pte. 200896

The Russian Cross of St. George, 4th Class
Waddell, J. Sgt. 200099

Serbian Silver Star, 2nd Class
Milne, T.J. C.S.M. 200239
Reid, R. Pte. 1494

World War 1,


Morrison, F.L. The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the War 1914-1918. Private. MacLehose, Jackson and Co. 1921.

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