Confederate States Staff Officers – O Surnames

List of Staff Officers of the Confederate States Army 1861-1865

Surnames that start with O

  • O’Bannon, L. W., maj., Q. M., October 2, 1861 maj., chief Q. M. to maj. Gen. Braxton Bragg, October 14, 1861 same, Department No. 2; to Gen. B. Bragg (at Tupelo, Miss.) July 4,1862; lient. col., chief Q. M. to same, July 17, 1862; chief Q. M. to Gen. E. Kirby Smith, May 30, 1864; relieved June 23, 1864.
  • O’Brien, John F., capt., A. A. G. Valley District, 1862; same to Brig. Gen. Charles S. Winder, March 28, May to July 9, 1862; same to Gen. G. T. Beauregard, October, 1862, to March 23, 1863; maj., A. I. G. to E. K. Smith, January 2, 1864.
  • Ochiltree, Thomas P., lieut., A. D. C. to Brig. Gen. H. H. Sibley; appointed, July, 1861 capt., A. A. G. to same, February 21, 1862 maj., A. A. G. to Maj. Gen. S. B. Maxey, April 18, 1864; resigned, April, 1864.
  • Ogden, H. N., lieut., 0..0. on duty with Colonel Baldwin, Army of North-ern Virginia, August 26, 1863.
  • Ogden, John, capt., A. D. C. to Brig. Gen. George B. Hodge, August, 1864.(‘?)
  • Ogden, ______, capt., A. A. G. to Brig. Gen. H. P. Bee, April 1864. Ogler, Thos. L., jr., Dr., N. D. to Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Drayton, November 24, 1861.
  • Oglesby, Laudon W., asst. Q. M. Prov. Army of Tennessee, 1861.
  • Oglesby, Wm. M., A. A. G. to Gen. Jno. K. Jackson, May 10, 1863.
  • O’Hara, Theodore, capt., A. I. G. to Gen. A. S. Johnston, April 6, 1862; col., A. A. A. G. to Maj. Gen. J. C. Breckinridge, January 1, 1863.
  • O’Ilea, R. A., lieut., E. O. to General Stewart, June, 1864 from 2d Engineer Regiment.
  • O’Kane, Walter S., lient. col., A. D. C. to Brig. Gen. James S. Rains, Missouri State Guard, March 20, 1862.
  • O’Keefe, Thomas, asst. com. Prov. Army of Tennessee, 1861; capt., com’y 21st Tenn. (Col. Edward Pickett, jr.), 1st Division, Western Department.
  • O’Koerner,, P. W., 2d Iieut. Engr. Corps, February 15,1862; lieut., May 4, 1863.
  • Oladowski, Hypolite, capt., O. O. to Maj. Gen. Braxton Bragg (at Pensacola, Fla.), March 14,1861; capt., C. O. to same, October 14, 1861; capt., 0. O. at Mobile, Ala., December 14,1861; capt., C. O. to Gen. A. S. Johnston, March 30, 1862; lieut. col., C. O. to Gen. Braxton Bragg, July 17, 1862, June 10, 1863; same, Department of North Carolina, January 11, 1865.
  • Old, William W., capt., A. D. C. to Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson, 1863; same to Maj. Gem J. A. Early, 1863, to August 12, 1864; same to Gem Johnston, January 16, 1864.
  • Oldham, W. S., capt., A. A. G. to Brig. Gen. Maxey, April, 1865. Oliver, Lindsey H., maj.; chief C. S. to Gen. S. B. Maxey, October, 1862, January, 1865.
  • Oliver, S. C., surg., staff of Brig. Gen. Lane, April, 1864.
  • O’Neal, Ed. A., , V. A. D. C. to Maj. Gen. R. E. Rodes, May, 1863.
  • O’Neill, Samuel, capt., chief Q. M. of cavalry in North Mississippi, November 14, 1863; staff of Brig. Gen. J. R. Chalmers.
  • Orme, Richard, maj., Q. M. to Maj. Gen. C. L. Stevenson, 1862; maj., chief Q. M. to same, October 26,1863;. same to General Grimes, May 9, 1864.
  • Orr, John M., capt., A. C. S., at Leesburg, Va., February 1, 1862. Orr, , capt., A. C. S. to Brig. Gen. N. G. Evans, October 31, 1861.
  • Otey, G. Gaston, lieut., O.O. to Col. John B. Magruder, June 20, 1861.
  • Otey, H. S., capt., to Brig. Gen. Lucius E. Polk, January 1, 1863.
  • Otey, John M., lieut., A. A. G. to Gen. G. T. Beauregard, April 6, 1862; capt., P. A. C. S., A. A. G. to same May I to November, 1862; capt., A. A. G. to Gen. Braxton Bragg, July 17, 1862; lieut. col., June 4, 1861; A. A. G. to Gen. G. T. Beauregard, October 17, 1864.
  • Otey, W. N. Mercer, lieut., Signal Corps, October 10, 1862; lieut., A. A. A. G. to Lieut. Gen. L. Polk, November 30, 1862; lieut., S. O. to same, January 1, 1863, February and March, 1864; A. A. A. G. to Maj. Gen. N. B. Forrest, May 12, 1864.
  • Overton, John, jr., capt., V. A. D. C. to Brig. Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson, January 1, 1863.
  • Overton, Jno. F., capt., A. I. G. (McDonald’s Batt’n) to Col. E. W. Rucker, September; 1864; same to Brig. Gen. A. W. Campbell, September 11, 1864.
  • Overton, Thomas, lieut., ordered to report to Gen. T. H. Holmes, commanding Aguia District, for duty as A. D. C., February 5,1862; capt., C. O. Aquia District, March, 1862; capt., O. 0. to Brig. Gen. S. G. French, June and July, 1862; same to Maj. Gen. S. G. French, October 3, 1862.
  • Overton, Thos., lieut., A. A. and I. G. and drill officer to S. B. Maxey, April, 1865.
  • Overton,_____, capt., to Maj. Gen. D. H. Hill, July to September, 1862.
  • Owen, G., surg., Hospital Miller, District of Gulf, October 23, 1864.
  • Owen, H. T., capt., on duty at Richmond, December 10, 1863.
  • Owen, W. B., chap. 17th Mississippi Regiment, July, 1863.
  • Owen, W. M., maj., C. A. to Gen. Wm. Preston, September 20, 1863.
  • Owens, Andrew T., capt., A. Q. M. to Brig. Gen. N. H. Harris, September, 1863.
  • Owens, Edward, F., capt., A. C. S. 22d Mississippi Regiment (Col. D. W. C. Bonham), 1st Division, Western Department.

Civil War,

Confederate States of America. Army. List of staff officers of the Confederate States army. 1861-1865. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1891.

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