Carson’s Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Carson’s Regiment Of Mississippi Militia

Adcock, John, private
Alexander, Joseph, private
Alexander, Jourdan, private
Allen, David, private
Austill, Jeremiah, sergeant
Baimbridge, James, private
Baldwin, Benjamin, quartermaster sergeant
Baldwin, William, private
Bates, John, private
Bazer, Edward, corporal
Bazer, Thomas, private
Bemus, James, corporal
Binge, Harris, sergeant
Bird, William, private
Blackwell, David, private
Black well, James, private
Bowie, John, private
Boykin, Burrel, private
Boykin, Kinchin, private
Bridges, Benjamin, private
Brown, James E., private
Brown, Solomon, ensign
Browning, William, private
Buchanan, George, surgeon
Buford, John, private
Busby, John, private
Busclark, William, sergeant
Campbell, I. H., private
Carmichael, William, coporal
Carney, John W., private
Carson, Adam, corporal
Carson, Joseph, colonel
Carter, Hezekiah, private
Cartwright, Peter, captain
Cavenah, William, private
Churchwell, James, private
Cobb, James, private
Cochran, William, sergeant
Coleman, Jesse, private
Cooper, John, private
Cox, Colin, private
Crane, Jeremiah, private
Crane, John, private
Crane, Lewis, Jr., private
Crane, Lewis, Sr., private
Curry, John, private
Curry, Willie, private
Daffin, James, private
Dawkins, Silas, private
Denly, James, private
Denly, John, private
Denson, Isaac, first sergeant
Denson, Joseph, private
Devereux, Charles H., captain
Diven, John S., private
Dooly, John, private
Dupreast, James, private
Espey, Wiley, sergeant
Evans, Jehu, private
Evans, John L., private
Evans, Josiah, sergeant
Fair, James, private
Fisher, Samuel, private
Foster, Levy, private
Fox, John, private
Fox, Washington, private
Gaines, Joab, private
Garvin, John, private
Gillespy, Joseph, private
Gilmore, James, private
Glover, Richard, private
Gordon, Isaac, private
Graves, Joshua, private
Griffin, John, private
Griffin, Moses, private
Grimes, Willis, private
Hall, John, private
Hall, William, private
Ham, John, private
Hambrack, James, corporal
Hand, John B., private
Harris, Claiborne, private
Harris, John, private
Harrison, Robert, private
Hays, John, private
Heaton, Isaac, private
Helverson, Peter, private
Herrington, Hutson, private
Hillis, John, private
Hoven, John, private
Hybert, Henry H., private
Irby, Charles, private
Irby, James, corporal
Irvin, Hugh, private
Jenkins, James, private
Johnston, Isaac, private
Johnston, Joseph, private
Joiner, James, private
Keel, William, private
Kennerly, George, private
Ker, Henry, private
Koin, John, private
Landrum, Benjamin, private
Lefoy, James, private
Lipscomb, Abner S., lieutenant
Lister, Josiah D., captain
Matthews, Samuel, private
Matthews, William, private
McCarty, Neal, private
McCloud, Alexander, private
McDanold, Archibald, private
McGee, Thomas, private
McGrew, Bonaparte, private
McGrew, William M., private
McLendon, David, corporal
Melton, Andrew, private
Melton, William, private
Miller, Michael, private
Mills, James, private
Milstead, Abraham, private
Milstead, Joseph, private
Milstead, William, private
Moore, Charles, ensign
Moore, Gibson, corporal
Moore, John, sergeant
Moore, Thomas, sergeant
Moseley, John T., private
Mott, Asa, private
Murrell, William, private
Myles, John, private
Myles, Josephus, corporal
Myrick, Lyttleton, sergeant major
Nabours, Lewis, private
Nail, Joel, private
Newman, John, private
Newman, Jonathan, sergeant
Olberson, Joshua, private
Outon, David, private
Pace, Isom, private
Page, Miah, sergeant
Patton, Joseph, private
Pearson, John, corporal
Perkins, William, private
Perry, Wilson, private
Pew, Isaac, private
Pew, Reison, private
Phillips, Iredal, second sergeant
Pickering, Moses, private
Powe, Thomas, private
Powell, William, private
Price, James M., private
Price, John, private
Raglin, David, sergeant
Randon, David, corporal
Rankins, James, private
Rankins, John, private
Rankins, William, private
Rawlins, Mark, private
Reed, John, private
Reeves, Ezekiel, private
Renfrew, James, private
Roberts, Joseph, private
Robinson, Aaron, private
Robinson, Aaron, private
Robinson, Amus, private
Robinson, Jonah, private
Robinson, William, private
Rodgers, John D., lieutenant
Rogers, Frederick, private
Rogers, Thomas A., lieutenant and adjutant
Rollins, James, private
Russel, James, private
Saffold, Reuben, captain
Shaw, James, private
Shoemate, Daniel, private
Sibert, John, sergeant
Smith, Daniel W., private
Smith, Thomas, private
Sossaman, John, private
Standley, Jordan, first corporal
Stean, Newbury, private
Sterrett, Ralph, first lieutenant
Stewart, James, private
Stiggins, George, sergeant
Stringer, William, second corporal
Sulivan, Stephen, private
Terrill, Edward Y., private
Thompson, Thomas, private
Tilman, Desire, private
Tilley, Josiah, private
Toulman, Theophilus, ensign
Upton, John, private
Vainer, John, corporal
Wager, David, corporal
Walker, Daniel, private
Walker, John, private
Walker, Matthias, private
Walker, Tandy, private
Walton, James K. T., private
Ward, Bartley, private
Watts, John E., private
Watts, Josiah, captain
Weathers, Henry, private
Wells, Archilaus, private
Wells, Charles, sergeant
Wells, Thomas, private
Wells, William B., private
Welsh, George, private
White, David, ensign
Williams, John, private
Williams, Thomas, private
Willson, M. D., private
Woodyard, John, private
Woodyard, Walter, private
Worley, John B., private

Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar. Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Centenery Series, vol. IV. 1921.

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