Captain John A. Allen’s Company of Mississippi Militia

Captain John A. Allen’s Company Of Mississippi Militia

Allen, John A., captain

Baker, Nathan, private
Baker, William, private
Baltimore, , waiter
Bayles, Jessee, private
Bayles, John, private
Bayles, Wyley, drummer
Bell, Samuel, private
Bird well, George W., sergeant
Bland, John, corporal
Bratton, Hugh, private
Bratton, Martin, private
Cheatham, Wyatt, sergeant
Cock, Jessee, private
Cock, John, private
Cray ton, Gloud W., corporal
Dalton, Samuel, private
Galyan, Abner, fifer
Galyan, Laybourn, fifer
Hodges, Elison, private
Hogland, Anthony, private
Hooker, John, corporal
Houston, James, private
Jones, Jeremiah, private
Long, James, private
McCall, Alexander, private
McCall, Robert, private
McKee, Robert, private
Moses, , waiter
Parr, John, corporal
Parton, Leonard, private
Paulley, Elijah, private
Riddle, George, private
Riddle, John, private
Scaggs, Wyley, private
Seals, Anthony, private
Seals, Bluford, private
Smith, John A., private
Smith, William, private
Staggs, Zachariah, drummer
Taylor, Harden, sergeant
Taylor, Joel, corporal
Townsend, Eli, private
Townsend, Johnson, corporal
Vaughn, Peter, private
Walker, Israel, private
Wells, John, private
White, James A., private
White, Mitchel, private
White, William, private

Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar. Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Centenery Series, vol. IV. 1921.

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