Captain Green’s Company of Mississippi Militia

Captain Green’s Company Of Mississippi Militia

Anderson, John, private
Armstreet, Aaron, private
Aswell, Hiram, private
Barclay, Abraham, private
Bass, William, private
Beck, David, sergeant
Bob, , servant
Boots, John, private
Bradshaw, Willis, private
Brown, Elisha, corporal
Brown, John A., private
Brown, Roland, private
Brown, Wiley, private
Burge, Neil, private
Burns, James, private
Burton, Charles A., private
Burton, Pleasant, private
Burton, Thomas, private
Cain, William, private
Callihan, David M., second lieutenant
Carter, James, private
Caston, William R., private
Clawson, Thomas, private
Cockram, John, private
Cole, William, private
Comly, Charles, private
Conner, James, corporal
Cotton, Eli, private
Coursy, James, private
Crow, John, private
Crow, Levi, private
Curry, Jacob, private
Daugherty, James, private
Davis, John, private
Davis, John, third lieutenant
Dickson, Hugh, private
Dixon, Thomas, sergeant
Dublin, , servant
Eby, William, private
Falls, John, private
Fletcher, Lionel, private
Freeman, James, private
Fuller, Benjamin, third lieutenant
Funk, Jacob, private
Galbreath, William, private
Germany, Washington, private
Gibson, George, private
Gibson, Jesse, private
Green, James, captain
Grimlair, Henry, private
Hails, John, private
Hamberlin, Jacob, private
Hamberlin, Stephen, private
Harrigill, Benjamin, sergeant
Hawthorn, William, private
Healy, Daniel, corporal
Henly, Nery, private
Hess, Nelson L, sergeant
Hewitt, Jonathan, private
Hogg, William, private
House, Henry, private
Hudnal, Ezekiel, private
Hutchins, Jesse, private
Irby, Hiram, private
Issue, John, private
Jackson, David, corporal
James, Edward, private
Jeffries, John, private
Jennings, Hiram, private
Joe, , servant
Johnston, Thomas, private
Jones, George W., private
Jones, Micajah, private
Kay, Gabriel, private
Keller, Peter, private
Kirk, James, private
Knox, Andrew, private
Lambert, Abraham, private
Landram, Burton, private
Landsberry, John, private
Lannagan, William, private
Lehr, John, ensign
Long, Jeremiah, private
Love, W. D., private
Lum, Israel, private
Manning, Jeremiah, private
Marlow, Allen, private
Martin, Daniel Wm., private
Martin, John, private
McCaleb, Thomas F., third lieutenant
McCarroll, Charles, private
McCartney, Lewis, private
McDonald, Benjamin, private
McDonald, Peter, private
McDowell, James, first lieutenant
McGee, Charles, private
McKee, James, private
McKee, Samuel, private
McLaughlin, John, private
Melvin, Daniel W., private
Miles, Lemuel, private
Millar, John, private
Moore, John, private
Murphy, Wiley, private
Murphy, William, private
Neelands, Middn., private
Neighbours, Zedekiah, private
Nelson, James, private
Newman, Isaac A., ensign
Nichols, Henry, private
Odum, Abraham, private
Oglesby, James, private
Old, Thomas, private
Osborn, John, private
Parker, Miles, private
Patterson, William, private
Pickett, John, private
Price, Martin, private
Rawls, Luke, private
Ray, William, private
Romedis, John, private
Row, John, private
Rundell, Joshua, third lieutenant
Rush, John, private
Rushton, James, corporal
Scisson, James, private
Sexton, Daniel, private
Shropshie,’ Walter, private
Smith, William, private
Sorrells, Walter, private
Sparks, Samuel, private
Stokes, Thomas, private
Tankersly, Fountain, private
Tedder, William, private
Therrell, Edmund, private
Thomas, John, private
Turner, Arthur, private
Turner, Robert, private
Twilley, Joseph, corporal
Usher, William, sergeant
Walton, Timothy, private
Westner, Samuel, private
Wheeler, Amos, private
Whipps, Nathan, private
White, William, private
Whitney, John, private
Whitney, John, private
Whittington, Aaron, private
Wigley, Thomas, private
Wilbourn, Ralph, private
Wilds, John D., sergeant
Wiley, George, corporal
Williams, James, private
Williams, William, private
Wilson, Daniel,
Wright, Jesse, private
Wright, Joseph, private

Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar. Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Centenery Series, vol. IV. 1921.

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